Animation for Animatronics – Part 2 – PREVIEW

Animation for Animatronics – Part 2 – PREVIEW

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CRAIG CATON: Hi Craig Caton here for the Stan Winston
School of Character Arts. Welcome to Animation for
Animatronics Part 2. We’re gonna continue our
journey, taking digital animation and transferring
it to animatronic heads. I’m really excited about this because, number one, it’s never been
done before in this fashion, and number two, it’s giving us a whole new set of tools and an approach to doing this that I think is very conducive to creating your characters and bringing them to life. So today we’re gonna be taking an in depth look at my
program called AnimServo. We’re gonna start off by
looking at the launcher gooey and talking about the
different components of that and then we’re gonna go into the actual connection gooey that connects the servos and how to record those servos and then take that
recording and transfer it to the Pololu software center. Some of you might be new to this, and some of you might be old pros, but either way I hope that you’re gonna get a lot out of my course. So without further ado,
let’s get into this. Are you ready to go? I’m ready to go. Okay, let’s do this, alright!

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  1. So… I'm very new to this technique…. Is this like reverse mo-cap? Where the moves are made in the computer and then "installed" into the animatronics?

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