Animation: Animate an illustration (beginner) | Freepik course trailer_ENG

Animation: Animate an illustration (beginner) | Freepik course trailer_ENG

Hello everyone on this course you’ll learn how to animate lines and shapes on Adobe After Effects. We’re going to create a simple illustration on Adobe Illustrator and then we’re going to animate it. This is perfect for adding some extra flair to any illustrations while also adding a new skill to your portfolio. During this course, I will be teaching you some basic and intermediate aspects of Adobe After Effects. Any basic knowledge of the software is recommended but it’s not a requirement, the same thing applies to Adobe Illustrator. You can jump into this course even if you don’t have any experience with it, but some basic knowledge is recommended. At the end, we’re going to export this animation as a looping .gif file so you can share it on social media. Get ready to start animating, see you on the course!

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  1. Thank you very much for your comment! You can open an .eps file from Illustrator or from Photoshop for example. Regards

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