Animating in Real Life | Violence Edition

Animating in Real Life | Violence Edition

*explosion sound effect* *BOOM* *boom* *B O O M* Hey, guess what guys? Today we’re gonna animate in real life again. You take, like, real life things and then you doodle on ’em. You’ll see it, you’ll – you’ll get it. Let’s just jump into this, man. (T: Nice.) Oh wait, wait. Before we start this, we always have to make clear, It’s ‘gif’. NOT ‘JIF’ It’s not fuckin’ peanut butter. I’ll be saying ‘gif’ for the remainder of this video. If you got a problem, LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS It uhh, it helps my video do well. So, even if you’re angry at me, leave a comment about it ALRIGHT Uhh, all of the gifs I chose today happen to be animals . Wasn’t on purpose, animals are just the best. Um, I thought we’d start out light today. I want to make… a cat … scratching the face off… … of a human person. Uh huh. Just seemed like it was a good idea to me So I’m gonna do that. (T: Nice.) Yep. So y’know how cats make like cheeky little muffins, and you’re like, ‘awwww, so cute’ Ummmm. I – that. Uh huh. (T: Uh huh.) So I’ve got a gif of that; here, I’ll show it T: Aw, that’s a good cat. H: Yeah. So, part of this I didn’t record me doing, which is the part that I have to cut out the cat on each individual frame, so that I can draw under the cat. I just want you to appreciate how much work I put into this really stupid, violent idea (T: Nice.) And keep that in mind next time you irritate me. If I’ll go this far for fake violence, how far will I go for real violence? Keep it in mind. (T: Not as far.) H: Not as far. T: All you’re telling me is now I know your limits. T: like, T: this is what you – H: S C A T Now you can look. T: *whispering* wow… Yeah. If you look close, there’s a tiny tear coming down. (T: Oh, yeah.) Did I put enough blood, d’you think? Is that not enough blood? T: I think it’s good, I mean, it’s only, like, soft little motions. Yeah, I should go back in and add more blood though, maybe. Okay, this one’s a light-hearted one, too. It’s a cat, getting punched. These are the things that were in my head, I don’t hurt animals T: Is this like, revenge? Like, since his face was taken off? H: Different cat. So it’s like when bullies that, uh, are like, emotionally abused at home go to school and hurt other children, it’s like that. T: I see. H: Yeah. So, this is the gif. *laughs* (T: He just rolls right off.) He just rolls right off, but not in my gif. He’s gonna, uh, it’s more violent . Cats are stupid. Did you know? (T: Mhmm.) I would like to say, my official statement… is… dog person. You’re neutral. (T: I’m neutral.) As always. Me and Tony like to visit animal shelters, like, all the time, because, uh, we really want a pet. (T: Yeah.) Like, really bad. (T: Uh huh.) *deep breath* Every single time we go, Tony’s the one that’s like, ‘I love this one more than I love myself, and anything I’ve ever loved in my life.’ But he says it with his eyes. He’s like – (T: Is that what I look like?) Mhm. (T: They’re just really good animals.) Yeah. Animals are good. I’d like to make that my official statement as well. Animals – Thumbs up. Two thumbs up. (T: Wow) I know. H: And – T: No, you’re not gonna be able to do it – H: One toe. (T: Did it.) Think I’m not flexible enough!? *Hannah making sound effects that sound kind of like the explosion intro* I’ve got hair on my sock. That’s gross. (T: Cute.) Both: *laugh* *pow* H: Uhh, you like it? T: I do. H: Yeah. Violence. So, this is a really really cute video of a dog, being super nice to a baby. Um, mixed opinions on babies, very pro-dog. Isn’t that cute? It’s really – (T: stupid baby) Yeah, um Not pro-baby. (T: No.) Very pro-dog. (T: Yeah.) This is why we are going to be getting, like, 10 dogs before we have a baby. (T: Ehhhhh..) One dog before we have a baby. (T: Yeah.) Both: *laugh* One dog before we have ten babies (T: It’s getting worse) What’s a baby ever done for you? Okay? I just want to say that. (T: It’s true) Nothin’. Yeah. When Tony and I went to the animal shelter the other day, we found the cutest little sheep dog. Here, I’ll put a picture in. Puppies – Dogs – Babies – (T: Two thumbs down.) (T: You know you want to.) I want to, but I – I thought that was too strong of a – y’know. (T: No. Nah, it’s fine.) Alright. We’ll come out very – for babies. *Hannah and Tony lauging* So, I made it a bomb. It’s a very slow explosion. T: That’s great. H: I don’t know why I did it like that. T: I like it. H: Thanks. *laughs* Stupid idea. I don’t know why I feel so violent today I’m in a great mood, but I keep – I keep drawing violent things Alright, next one. This is like, one of my favorite gifs. I know. I wanted this – this is the finale. (T: goin’ crazy.) I love greyhounds. This is the best gif. *laughs* (T: It’s hilarious) He’s just having the time of his life And I wish I was as happy as this dog. Um, this is the best dog Until further notice, this one is the best one. All other dogs are put on hold T: It’s like if Kermit actually did things. H: Yeah, if Jenna Marbles’ dog Kermit was, uh, mobile… and not, like, semi- dead. Now that’s a strong statement, people will be mad about the baby thing but they’ll be furious about that (T: Yeah they will) I love drawing tongue physics, is something I’m realizing. One of my passions is physics of tongues. Long tongues. *laughter* (T: Oh my gosh.) I could watch this… all day. (T: Yeah.) T: He’s doing terrible at that game, by the way. H: Yeah, he – i – yeah. He’s losing. Uh, he’s still a good dog though. 10/10 T: Still a good dog. H: would dog again. I just keep watching it – all right, all right, all right. Hey, that’s it. That’s it. That’s all. That’s all I do webcomic. I do… merch. If you’re interested in those things, go down there. Here’s a Panda Time. And I love you, very very much. And I will see you soon! Buh-bye! *snap* *snap* *snap* *CLAP* You can’t do at the same time as me, Tony!

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  1. However you pronounce it, it doesn't matter as long as others understand you. It's an acronym. It's not the end of the world.

  2. i completely forgot how to say gif cause i haven't said it in a long time so for like 5 minutes i went:
    "Gif. Jif. gif. jif. giiiif. jiiiiif. gif. jif?"

  3. I'm feeling pretty sick and my throat kinda hurts and I saw Hannah in my subscriptions and decided to watch her and im halfway through the video and im laughing pretty hard and my throat hurts but I don't really care. Thanks for making me laugh Hannah, I needed it! ?

  4. Long story short I'm using subtitles for this video and let's just say it messed up a lil bit @ 0:18. I'm irl ded
    "Thank you fuck guys today we're gonna.. "

  5. Honestly I don't care how people say 'gif' (I pronounce it as the name of the peanut butter most of the time *shrugs*)

  6. HAPPY BIRTH DAY and I just realized you share a birth day with Mikey Way so yeah ilysm and you helped me in so many way i and just wanted to say thank you and happy birthday

  7. Steve Wilhite, who is accepting a lifetime achievement award at The Webby Awards, told the NY Times how annoyed he was at the debate over the pronunciation of GIF: “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They are wrong. … It is a soft 'G', pronounced 'jif'.

  8. …….fuck kermit. final statement: not partially dead dog person, especially labs (labradors) , i have 2 and they shed so fucking much, but they're so fucking adorable…….

  9. Yes but cat dont need to be walked or payed attention they only need baths and food and their good and a litter box

  10. I personly hate it when people call it jif, and call it gif, but it has literally been confirmed that it's pronounced Jif.
    I honestly dont think it matters either way tho

  11. 2:44 how dare you insult my smart fluffy (cat) son

    (Edit: This isn’t hate it’s just a joke I do really like Hannah’s videos but I am a cat person)

  12. in the first one, legit all my cats do that
    the one before the animation was added, or the cat what we randomly call “smurggling(?)” and scratch everyone’s face off 🙂 (AND I HAVE 8)

  13. I already love your channle by when you said
    “And it Gif not Jif, no F*****g peanut butter”

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