– Animate me. – Animate me like one of your french girls! – Okay. – I hope that you’re nearly finished. – I just gotta work on this a tiny bit longer. – It’s finished! – I said it’s finished! – Oh.. – Oh. – Okay, it’s really rough but like… – Just play it. – Here it goes. – Animate me. – Do you want me to play it again? – No, that’s fine. – Great! – God dammit. – Do you know how to open these?

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  1. I've released the full version of the credits music on bandcamp!

    I also uploaded it to my music channel:

  2. This is so damn hilarious but also seems painful as an animator do undergo all those hours for animation/editing still impressive work xD i would certainly not want to end up as an animated ball xD poor "french girl" xD

  3. i Really hate condoms too… Its like they managed to somehow make us look like the most stupid creatures in the world. stupid wraps :/

  4. Actually this is just me work so hard on animation and then the result is another thing, who's like me

  5. Whole lotta people pointing it out that a condom is a condom. Whew. Thanks guys. I wouldn't have ever guessed that it was a condom. I too, didn't know it at all. Like. Thank you tons for clarification towards the fact that it is, indeed, a condom.

  6. I saw this when it came out but I was still innocent. Now that I watched it again i find it actually funny

  7. "When i first saw this as a kid i kinda get cringed and few years later i come back to watch this again and this dude i thought he was asking to open a candy but on second i realize it was a condom" ._.


    my girlfriend ximena is animate me and she make a BAD ANIMATION FOR ME XDXDXDXD

    my bad english :,(

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