Alfred & Shadow – A short story about emotions (education psychology health animation)

Alfred & Shadow – A short story about emotions (education psychology health animation)

Emotions are often feared and avoided, because they are so painful. So, why focus on emotions? Because emotions give you important information. And tell you whether things are going your way. Emotions help you to survive. By providing an efficient, automatic way of respondingrapidly to important situations. Emotions help you to relate to other people and the expectations and demands of life. Emotions tells you what you need.
When you know what you need, you can take action to meet those needs. Emotions also communicate what you feel. All your negative experiences can turn into
a big, black and scary feeling inside You learned many of your emotional reactions long ago. Your black shadow will therefor sometimes resemble a person who hurt you in the past. First you need to know something about what your emotions are. You have different basic emotions,
some of which arouse you. And some that calm you Down. These are shame.. These are shame. Fear. Sadness… Anger… Disgust… Happiness… And surprise or interest You have more unpleasant emotion than pleasant ones. That means you often suffer quite a lot,
but that’s because the unpleasant emotions help you survive. Feelings also tend to be more unpleasant if
you fight them. If you allow them to be there, they become less unpleasant. You can experience and express many different feelings. Like feeling hopeless, irritated, anxious, exited,
lonely, embarrassed, suspicious, content and so on. These feelings all arise from your basic emotions. For instance, feeling suspicious springs from fear. And feeling lonely springs from sadness. And then it gets complicated. Emotions do not always provide you and your surroundings with good information. Sometimes you fake emotions to get what you want. At other times you cover up your “real”
emotions with other emotions. If you act like this.. ..when you really feel like this And your need is compassion and comfort,
you will instead drive people away. If you or someone around you is supportive, patient and curious enough to try to understand you. You might realize that you are sad, and then get what you need to heal your painful emotion. At other times again, your “real” emotions
are messed up, and make a lot of trouble for you. If you were scared a lot when you were a child. You might grow up having a core feeling of
being afraid. You might overprotect yourself, so that no
one can hurt you ever again. Everyone who was hurt badly as a child has a deep need to feel safe, and a desire for someone to love them and connect with them. And heavy protection doesn’t give you this. You can tell or show someone you trust, that you are afraid. You can welcome the feeling of being afraid and listen to it, instead of ignoring it and covering it up. And the fear will then become more manageable. You can also change fear
by means of self-compassion and assertive anger. You can protect stand up for yourself, without driving people away. You can handle criticism, even if it hurts. You can to take the chance, and let people in, even if you are afraid of getting hurt again. You feel and function better when you are
aware of and deal with your “real” emotions, even if they are painful. Your real emotions
help you get to what you really need, both from yourself and others. You feel and function better when your “real” emotions are fresh and new, instead of stuck old feelings. You can trust your emotions if doing so gives you what you need. Stuck and misguiding emotions can change if you: And all of this is easier to do with the empathy and support of another person.

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  1. This is a lovely way to explain in simple language. Very useful for my clients! And made with love and care. Beautiful pictures!
    Karin Wagenaar

  2. Much gratitude for this WOW film. I would like to add it to my Nonviolent Communication website under "Rememberings" . (Marshall Rosenberg's work) How do you feel about that?
    Holley Humphrey

  3. What a beautiful video! Such a clear message about how emotions work en what message they can give you. Wouldn't it be nice if such a video would be shown to children in schools? Might be very educative!

  4. I really enjoyed this video.  I think it can be appropriate for many different arenas.  I use mindful eating with my clients so this video would complement my approach nicely.

  5. I do agree with the general message here (to stop the deny/not listening to live fully instead of beeing stuck in one emotion). I'm no specialist but I doubt there are so few base emotions to explain the other ones. How to point out "exhausted", "energyfull", "confortable/unconfortable", "sleepy" : there is a wide range of emotions that are related to your own body. Those that are pointed out in the presentation are related to our social life and our environment, are intense and short term for most of them. And maybe so are easier to point out for a doc, but those related to your own body are more deep rooted and influence your whole behaviour faaaaar more on the long term than the very intense and short term ones that are pointed out in the video.

  6. jeg beskytter mig ved at holde alle på afstand, det er det letteste og det mindst smertefulde, der ud over ordinere jeg mig selv med alkohol, kun lige nok til at slukke og lukke for skam og ego, jeg skal jo stadig kunne stå op og passe mit arbejde, skål! og nyd livet blandt alle de falske og dem der svigter, semper fidelis.

  7. I love this video! I have worked with adults with severe persistent mental illness in long term residential and forensic settings as an art therapy intern, and the information in this video perfectly gets to the heart of so many of their problem issues. Have you ever used this video in psychoeducational groups with this population? If so, I'm wondering how it was received.

  8. Helpful video. I just wished that the shadow was not described as "big, black and scary." Describing negative emotions using color language that is associated with racist speech promotes unconscious biases in non-black people and poor self-concept for black people, specially in children since they are still developing their self-image. It is a small but powerful change that could make this video extremely useful for a classroom environment.

  9. This is a great video. I look forward to using it with grade 1 students. It would be great if when the owl felt, or expressed an emotion, then the word popped up on the screen. Is this possible? Please and thanks.

  10. it's a great source and work ! i just wonder if you can suggest me a more written source ? honestly i'm having a hard time about myself.. and would love to correct it back again 🙂

  11. Hi Anne, Can I have your permission to translate this video to spanish and share in my channel? Is a great video

  12. Emotions can be negative or positive. positive emotions generally lead to happiness but negative emotions leads you to sadness,irritated, fear etc. Emotions can be instant or can be long. Emotions are angry,scared, love, happiness. Some emotions arouse us and some calm us down. Unpleasant emotions helps us to survive.

  13. What an amazing video!  Love both the script and animation.  So clear, educational and cute!  Congratulations for the brilliant work!  Liked it a lot X 1000! 

    I wonder if I could use it in an EFL class?  Teaching English to adults through Self-development materials.   I look forward to receiving your answer.
    Many thanks in advance!

  14. This is a very good video for children's to understand the emotions of human beings. From this video we can see the emotions in different ways as love, anger, sadness etc. And main content from this video is if we have fear in our thought means it will make us into trouble,such as that the character in this video can avoid the friend and being alone, so that this is also a emotion we can see. And the wonderful feelings of human act with there emotion through keeping there feelings as anger, but inside some feelings as sadness with stress.So through this video the emotions can be classified into different ways and with the moral telling that… join with your friends in every moment and share the feelings and emotions.

  15. What a very informative video for adults. I never looked or knew that this was the way emotions worked. I just thought I was an anomaly. Thanks for sharing this!

  16. wow, what a great video. I've been stuck for 29 years, trying to show people my True emotions. my brain works on a completely different way. but I won't be so shy to show you my True emotions anymore.

  17. This was just the video I needed. I feel more aware of my emotional problems now and of how to manage them.

    The cartoon was a great way to teach. Thank You for making this.

  18. Love the video. I suggest substituting the word "real" for the word "core" instead, so that you don't unintentionally invalidate some emotional responses over others. All emotions are valid, even the non-core ones, as they come from defensive mechanisms that may have been learned long ago when emotional survival was necessary.

  19. This is a great video.  If possible I would like to show this video to women who are in a psychological group program to help with emotion management.  Would that be allowed?

  20. Hermoso video. Lo pueden traducir al español por favor? (texto y voz) Me gustaría usarlo en la escuela. Gracias.

  21. Watched to try and understand my own emotional state. Ended up with a feeling of hopelessness as I realised that the "empathy and support of another person" bit is never gonna happen. Guess I'll just focus on fixing things by myself 🙂

  22. psychologists claim that every individual has her/his own unique world and no two patients should be treated the same but they still create such videos like this… sheer talking theories which may absolutely work horribly wrong for a person… I'm sick of being a human because of the way humans treat each other like no animals do it to their own race… sit back and look for a second… we are thirsty as hell to kill our own race to survive… for what? someone gimme a reason why people wants to survive especially by crossing over the body of their mates… where to reach?…. no where but the darkness of grave… i dunno when we are going to wake up any enjoy this short life together instead of killing each other
    How about saying that Alfred has hardened and wants to make his dick soft with the help of some one around… do love means anything more to you than this?… yes I'm angry, scared, sad and lonely. do you then care? do you fu********cking care moron?… have you ever thought about a world without money? without these simple green papers which made us more carnivorous and more miserable than animals and we call ourselves superior species. you will see best of this superiority on the exact moment you drown into the darkness of grave.

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