Adventure Time | Ice King Origin Story | Cartoon Network

Adventure Time | Ice King Origin Story | Cartoon Network

Hello my name is simon petrikov I am recording this tape so that people will know my story Oh, no turn it off fimo darn alarm. I was studying to be an antiquarian of ancient artifacts now I never believed in the supernatural stuff myself just had a fascination with superstitions, but Everything changed when I came into contact with this item VI scheme After purchasing this crown from an old dock worker in northern Scandinavia I brought it home and excitedly showed my fiancee Betty and jokingly put it on my head Just forever laughs or something and that’s when it started the visions I fought with them Shouted at them until I realized it wasn’t real. It was the crown I correctly took it off and saw my fiancee in front of me looking at me with such contempt. What did I said? What did I done when I wore this crown all I know is I never saw Betty again Since then. I now see the visions always whether or not I wear the crowd they tell me the secrets the secrets of the ice and snow that the power of the crown will save me with its Frost I Don’t yet know what this means As you can see my skin is beginning to turn blue My body temperature has been lowering in a supernatural rate to what is now about 30 degrees Celsius? I? Don’t know any will end I’m really scared. I know my mind is changing. I’m already too far gone to know what to do I Want people to know that if I do things? If I do things that hurt anyone, please Please forgive me just watch over me until I can find my way out of this labyrinth in my braids and regain my sanity and Then maybe Betty my princess, maybe you will love me again Please love me again Betty Boom now you don’t buy secrets you know that I used to wear glasses

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  1. When I watched On the CN App a little pop up cam up and It read your watching an Adventure Time Christmas, not sure if there are others like that

  2. When I watched On the CN App a little pop up cam up and It read your watching an Adventure Time Christmas, not sure if there are others like that

  3. “Now you know my secret!
    You know that I used to where glasses!”
    I stg this character has such a tortured past this is an excellent character arch

  4. A lot of childhoods finished with that episode.

    Just awesome. For the audience and the show itself

  5. I remember when this episode aired, and for me at 14 this was life changing. Everything was different after this like I started to view Ice King as Simon and I desperately hoped he'd find a way to come back for himself and Marceline.

  6. Is it realy possible that iceking deepest wish is immortality? Or to use the power of the ice and snow to protect somone who he cares alot?

  7. This is when we all found out Ice King was a normal smart person who had a girl who loved him. This is when we learned the crown was when his true life ended. At least they made him so more likable and not a villain anymore.

  8. Alright guys, I know no one is prolly gonna watch this anymore, but rewatching this gave me a hypothesis.

    We know that the Crown is a wish granting device, as well as a tool to control ice and snow.

    Now, when the video begins, Simon says he never believed in supernatural stuff, he merely pursued them out of fascination. When he encountered the crown, he was probably subconsciously wishing that the legends were true, and that magic did exist.

    This, in turn, set in motion the events leading to the Mushroom War which destroyed the modern world and replaced it with the Land of Ooo, a weird and certainly magical place. And.. this is something that may not be true, but could be… perhaps Golb (anagram of Glob) is a product of the crown as well. Simon wished for legends to be true, and so they were. The Lich, countless heroes, and Glob are all legends, and all of them exist.

    Simon may very well have inadvertently created the entire land of Ooo but also created literally every threat to exist in it.

  9. What started as a humorous holiday episode ended with one of the biggest jaw dropping twists that cemented Ice King as more than just a goofy villain

  10. I was pretty young when I saw this but i remember my mom actually being shocked from this because she'd never seen any episodes with me other than the first season that was way more light heartened. Like, i heard her go "Oh my GOD, that's horrible."

  11. 1:57 so that is why ice king kidnaps princesses, because he used to call betty his princess

  12. This was the turning point between adventure time and when kids cartoons started getting lore heavy

  13. lol you got deep lore on one end of the room, and on the other you got Simon wrapped in a curtain with an apple impaled on his nose. Gotta love AT

  14. And this is when people realized that things like this hit harder in light hearted atmosphere than already dark ones.

  15. So… during the video flashback it starts snowing. Is this the powers of the crown affecting the weather? Or is it nuclear winter, caused by the Great Mushroom War? Or both? Let me know…

  16. For me, the moment he said "Princess" was made me cry, as it gives Ice King's goal in kidnapping princesses ALL the more heartbreaking.

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