“Adrinette” Miraculous Ladybug Animation English Dub

what am I gonna do yeah I don’t even I like you a lot marionette cry got you okay but I also like ladies hobby places the one Easter look he knows not turn away some place still don’t understand how you feel ill of him me worried about him why are you here pray for me pretty you have beautiful eyes what yeah sorry Larry yeah I like ladybugs stupid huh huh what do you like about her Hey okay I think because she’s very admirable she is kind generous around Houston for apartment but I also like someone else huh you I like you a lot Marinette really Indian I stopped wanting to tell you hi let me feel anything Marinette your ladybug yeah now everything makes sense if that makes me happy I love you my lady hear me and he can turn ours off together are you really happy to maybe possible has passed a ladybug and he goes too far for me how great is it such hell always looking forward

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