Add animation to PowerPoint: Moving Car animation Part 1

Add animation to PowerPoint: Moving Car animation Part 1

Hello Friends, today you will learn how to make moving car animation So we will just see the animation first then we will learn how to do it so let’s check the animation So here you see that wheels are also moving & at the same time they are moving forward So let’s see how to do it. So first we will just have this road & sky as a background ok, then we will require one car so you can just download any picture of a car but what we want . We want these wheels to be shown as moving So we will remove these wheels & apply our own wheels So what we can do is we can just copy this image into a paint. Paint brush Paste it & use the eraser function to erase these wheels Ok, then you can just save that image I have already prepared that image, so we will use that image only We’ll delete this one, we’ll use this only Then we’ll insert the wheels. We’ll go to clip art search for wheel. We’ll use this wheel ok Then just adjust the size of the wheel to match the car ok Then we’ll add the animation We’ll delete this animation as it got copied So what we’ll do, we’ll first apply spin animation to this wheel So we’ll go to add effect, emphasis & choose spin Then, double click on it Go to timing & choose repeat until end of slide & we’ll keep it’s speed as slow We’ll apply same animation to this wheel until end of slide Then we’ll select this with previous Then we’ll apply motion path to car & these wheels So first we’ll apply, select the car, go to motion path, select right Then apply the same motion path to the wheels ok Now what we’ll do, we want to adjust these lengths We’ll first select the motion path of a car hold the shift key , then drag this red arrow towards right little bit outside the slide one minute ok remember to hold down the shift key, otherwise this line we’ll not get straight now we want this motion path also to be stretched here but we’ll require to keep some specific distance between these two motion paths, so how will we get that distance so first what we’ll do we’ll draw two lines ok, the first line, you have to draw from starting motion path of the car to the starting point of this wheel ok & hold the shift key while drawing the line ok, the center of the car’s motion path draw the line upto the center point of a wheel ok, just change it’s colour to black then we’ll draw another line upto the center point of this wheel from car’s center again hold the shift key & draw the line change it’s colour now just zoom out now what we’ll do, we’ll keep this line in front of this car’s motion path & this one before the motion path ok, now what we require to do we need the motion path of first wheel to be stretched upto this point hold the shift key stretch it upto this point then second motion path of second wheel, we need to stretch upto this point hold the shift key & stretch it upto this point ok now, just little bit zoom in & check whether the motion paths are properly aligned by moving this line here so here we see, this motion path needs to be adjusted little bit ok now check the another motion path it’s ok now, I’ll delete these lines ok zoom out now we want all these effects to happen with previous then we need to remove this smooth start & smooth end & we’ll keep it’s speed as very slow ok, keep speed as very slow remove smooth start , smooth end ok keep it with previous this also with previous speed very slow & remove smooth start & smooth end ok, so let’s see if it is working fine ok ok these speeds, we need to keep these two speeds, spin wheel same. so this one is slow, we’ll apply this also slow sorry, slow not very slow ok, now let’s see in full screen see, so now you can feel the effect of a moving car so, that is it my friends. So this is how you can do the animation of a moving car so guys, if you like my video, do subscribe to my channel & stay tuned for the coming videos. Thank you.

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