Abandoned | a Roblox animation [Plano350]

Abandoned | a Roblox animation [Plano350]

found it bloody brilliant woo! what an amazing performance, nicely done first off let me introduce myself, I
am the hand, basically a spirit whose job is to protect the forest but i also like helping lost people to get out of the forest alive although.. you don’t look so good, let me get this off of you there we go, you look much better now thanks mate anyways, well… I can’t physically get you out of the forest but I can give you helpful tools to survive in here, and get out alive *bruh* right now, best offer is… for you is… hm… the crafting table! if you get enough resources like wood and stone, blah blah blah.. you can craft stuff like weapons for hunting, or a nice bed to sleep in but! you must give me back something valuable as payment.. you don’t seem to be wearing anything valueable.. but that is alright! you can give me your liver instead i’m pretty sure it costs the same price as the crafting table on the black market so, what do you say, deal? no! no?! well.. i’ll add a fidget spinner.. yeah, i’ll add a fidget spinner to the deal as a bonus, will that make you satisfied? yes! great! well here’s the crafting table and the fidget spinner now just let me take your liver it’s great doing business with you, good luck! get over here! bloody stop!

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  1. crafting table in roblox

    π™¬π™–π™žπ™© 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 π™žπ™‘π™‘π™šπ™œπ™–π™‘

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