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  1. People… Stop coming into the comments and begging Elen for tickets or begging for other things! If she wants you to be seen because she feels you should then she will! We would all in this world love to meet Ellen (other than haters) so please enjoy the show and give her positive feedback and praise for all the amazing things she does instead of begging, please!

  2. I live In England so i can’t come to your show.😭😭😭I watch you everyday on my IPad and i think’PLEASE ASK ME TO COME TO YOUR SHOW ELLEN’.

  3. i hope someday Ellen we will meet are such an extra ordinary,,you have a Good heart,very kind person..keep it up..GOD BLESS YOU AND MORE POWER TO YOURE SHOW


  4. Hi Ellen,Am Nancy from Kenya,but am working as a Nanny in Dubai,I love everything you do, especially giving hope to people,any time my boss shouts at me I just watch your video and I forgot what she says,thank you very much,I wish I can meet you,I love your Show, God bless you.

  5. Hey everyone, I’m from Houston, TX and came across a post about a missing 15 year old girl named Heather Ray Cox. She is reported to have run away from home to be with an older man (who is a predator) she met online. The man lives in California. The girl suffers from Bipolar Disorder, is not currently on her medication and is currently in a Manic state which likely contributed to her choice to run away with a stranger. Here I will post the link to the Missing Persons of America page giving more details as well as pictures of her. Please spread the word and if you have any information please contact the appropriate people listed on the article. I do not know her or her family personally, I am simply a person concerned for a young girl in a dangerous situation.

  6. Let's talk about our fellow humans being sold as slaves in Libya! This should outrage us all! Please use your platform to help them by bringing awareness to these abominable acts.

  7. Love you I think you should go for president you make a beautiful president think about it much love❤❤😘😘💪☝😄

  8. This kind of shit turns me on… just the fact that girls are screaming and getting umm idk rekt/tortured. The monster eating the girl is really nice.

  9. Loved the show, very entertaining and funny but thought it unfair that Dayo didn't have to answer a 3rd question like player 1. She should have stayed until only one standing with the same amount of questions.

  10. The drop zone final four is unfair.
    The last person to be asked questions has an advantage.
    The first person to be asked questions could be asked two or more questions first.
    It should be that the last two contestants have to be asked an equal number of questions until one can not answer one but the other can.
    The same rules as a spelling bee.
    You will find that the producers will be placing their target audience viewers type in the last spots.
    Black people are home watching tv and taken shows
    This is why a lot of game shows now have black hosts and a lot more black contestants

  11. Hi!!
    Ellen I'm very big fan of you.
    I know u r very generous & kind person especially for poor & needy person,

    So, I beg u through which online process, I can play & win rewards.

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