Merry Christmas, tiktakers! Today is a very
special day of joy, gifts, and sharing time with your family. However, did you think we
were going to leave you without today’s Scary Tuesday? No way! Here we bring you an adaptation
of a chilling tale, originally written by Thamires Luppi. The story is about a very
peculiar family, and the way they celebrate Christmas. So pay attention! The first time you get to meet your girlfriend’s
family is an important event. One day you might become part of her family, so you gotta
give a good first impression. Be attentive, fun, and charming… but always in a natural
and non-forced way. And overall, don’t be nervous, and make them feel like you are one
of them. When I was 25 years old I was sure that Laura
was the woman of my life. She was intelligent, sweet, successful, and the most generous person
I’ve ever met. We had been together for two years, and everything was perfect. Her family
lived very far away, so I hadn’t met them in person yet. I did get to know them through
video-calls, but you know that it isn’t the same. Christmas eve finally came – the big day!
Her family spent the holidays here, staying in Laura’s spacious and modern house where
we were going to have our Christmas dinner. I arrived late because of work. I was worried
about that, as the night was just getting started and I was already giving off a bad
impression. However, Laura’s father didn’t care. He received
me at the door with a big smile and a warm hug. I tried to apologize for being late,
but he didn’t care – he simply told me that work is work and that’s that. Now that I was seeing him in person, his appearance
surprised me a lot. For a middle-aged man he looked extraordinarily young and healthy.
He was tall, handsome, and in good shape. I was about to discreetly ask him about his
age, but he immediately took me to the dining room to meet in person the rest of the family. They were all very delightful, and showered
me with compliments! Laura’s mom was very happy to see me, and even gave me two kisses
on the cheek. Her appearance surprised me even more than her husband’s: She didn’t look
like she was older than 30, and if you compared her with Laura, side by side, you would think
they were sisters! The last one to greet me, who was less effusive
but still kind, was their older son. He was a handsome young man, dressed elegantly as
if he was a magazine model. His hair was perfectly combed and his teeth were sparkling-white.
Anybody would fall for him in an instant. I started to feel a bit strange and uncomfortable.
Compared to that perfect postcard family I was feeling like a bum who was being invited
to their Christmas dinner out of charity. They surely looked a thousand times better
than in the video-calls… but I suppose webcams don’t make anyone look specially good. While Laura was getting ready, we sat down
and started chatting to get to know each other better. I started thinking about how lucky
I was for finding such a good-looking and interesting family, and eventually become
part of it. I don’t complain about my own family – not at all. I love my parents very
much… but let’s say they have a different style. Half an hour passed and Laura started coming
downstairs. She looked gorgeous! More beautiful than ever. She looked like an angel coming
down the stairs. This was all perfect, like a dream. Without thinking about it, I took
a small box I had in my pocket, and decided to go forward with the big step I had been
thinking about taking for a while now. I knelt in front of her, showed her a ring
in the box, and proposed to her in front of her family, who smiled out of surprise and
excitement. Tears of joy escaped from her eyes, and she hugged me strongly. Her parents
and brother also came closer to hug us and congratulate us. This was the perfect Christmas,
with the perfect family. Dinner time finally came, and we sat around
the carefully set table. I preferred not to eat many appetizers, eagerly awaiting for
the main dish. I was so hungry that, when I saw Laura’s dad and brother carrying out
of the kitchen a huge tray covered with a metal cover, my mouth started watering. What
was under there? I didn’t ask, and waited for them to take
the cover off. For a few moments I wasn’t sure about which animal’s roasted meat was
on the tray, which looked pretty good along with a fine garnish. Then I took a closer
look at the shape of the cut-off limbs… and I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock.
It can’t be, it must be my imagination… but it looked like a finely cooked human body. The eyes of the rest of the family were shining,
and they congratulated Laura and her mother for being such good cooks. I could hardly
speak, but I managed to say: “But… but… is this…?” Laura confirmed what I was suspecting,
as if it were the most natural and normal thing in the world. They even started talking
about how to prepare it, which spices to use, and the oven’s temperature, while they served
pieces of legs, thorax and arms. I discreetly looked at the head… and I could
notice it belonged to a young teen. But the most terrifying part was not seeing them eat
a roasted human – it was the strange sensation that, with each bite they had, their skin
seemed to become shinier, and their aura of elegance increased. Laura’s father gave me a pat on the back,
encouraging me to eat. “Come on boy, you cannot be eternally young and handsome without…
you know, a little sacrifice. And it’s only once a year!”, he told me while he gave a
bite to what looked like a humerus. The situation seemed so natural, and their
explanations were so convincing, that I started to… reconsider. Laura took my hand, looked
at me in the eyes, and with the sweetest of smiles asked me: “Do you actually love me?
Don’t you want to be like us, and spend the rest of your life with me?” I didn’t answer. I served a piece of leg on
my plate and stabbed it with my fork. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and determined to
take the next step I said: “I do”.

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  1. ??? Happy Christmas, tiktakers! ???
    Hope you enjoy these days with your family and friends, and of course you liked our Scary Tuesday Christmas Special!

  2. Hey can you make Albert fish his a killer and kills children and the weird part is he eat the children so I hope you have a good day

  3. I have been ignoring my youtuber’s I’ve subscribed to so my bad, but I must be crazy cause it seems that I missed something cause, when she said don’t you wanna be with me for ever and he’s like “I do” this happens it’s like ? did I just get slapped in the face

  4. Omg!!!! usually I never get jump scared at the end of your videos, but now, ?I was……………………you have to know

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