“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” presented by Rice University Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” presented by Rice University Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts

music A Midsummer Night’s Dream Good evening. Good evening good evening Thank you so much for coming out and braving the autumn so we are calling this mid-autumn’s Night Dream but thank you for being here My name is Christina Keefe. I’m the director of the theater program and of this production Ah, a couple of things before we get started So, the first two scenes are here where you guys are now. The actors will be working between these two trees and a little bit on the steps here and then Puck and the fairies will come out and lead you to Fairyland. And the rest of the play will take place over in what we are calling the forest. I know you are going to enjoy this show. Have a great time. Thank-you for coming. (Drumming) (other instruments added to the drumming) Thou fair Hippolyta our nuptial hour draws on apace. Four happy days a new moon But oh me thinks how slow this old moon wanes Four days will quickly seep themselves in night When I will quickly dream away the time And then the moon like to a silver bow new bent in heaven shall behold the night of our solemnity. Go Philostrate! Stir up the Athenian youth to merriment. Awake the pert and nimble spirit of mirth. Turn melancholy forth to funereal.

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  1. I'm taking a Shakespeare course at Adelaide University, Australia this semester. I was browsing through some clips of AMND after reading it for the first time and stumbled upon this. It's now 2am and I have work at 6am. Great performance. The guy who played Bottom was hilarious!

  2. And they mix lines together don't say them right and it just sounds like they're just reading Shakespeare, you can't really feel what they're saying they just sound either modest or mad or just talking, they gotta have pacing and meaning 😐

  3. My local theater is doing a more modernized version of this classic. Wish me luck! Auditions are in about a week…

  4. 25:57 That song was killing my whole entire class. Overall, this is an amazing play, but I wonder, was the song supposed to sound like that?

  5. This helped me because my school is doing a midsummer and I'm Tittiania it helped me with emotions and voice p.s. I'm in the 6th grade

  6. Great production! I'm just getting into Shakespeare (as an adult) and I found this to be a very interesting story. I'd like to watch this and read the text again and again to truly appreciate it.

    Anyway, out of curiosity: if it's set in Athens, why are the characters wearing what looks to be Elizabethan era English clothing instead of Greek? Is that how it would have been performed in Shakespeare's day?

  7. I love the whole play, beautifully presented and even designed, all the actors and actress did amazing acting. ??

  8. When you have to memorize all your lines for this play tonight. The play is next week by the way. Im Demetrius thus why im here.

  9. People keep saying the acting was trash. I for one did notice some bumps along the way AND as I was reading along in my book while watching this I did realize there were quite a few lines missing but overall this was entertaining and lively! Those who say the acting was garbage need to zip it. You probably couldn't do better than these high schoolers and I for one am amazed and I believe that some of them have a chance at a career in live theatre. Special shout out to Puck and Bottom. I enjoyed the laughs from my family and I. Brilliantly done.

  10. i just got the role puck in my school play. This really helped me understand who puck is. thanks rice university

  11. Amazing concept!! Great set and costumes but the acting is BAD, especially Oberon Jesus! Puck is great ??

  12. I am watching this at midsummer (albeit not the exact day). I'm particularly taken by the buses that go past in the background every now and again. A clear reference to the "transports" that the lovers are experiencing, which– paradoxically– are a routine and fairly predictable part of the human condition. I wonder how they arranged such an ingenious visual pun?

  13. Had a lot of fun watching this (trying to find a monologue piece for acting school). The hermia is so whiney though, It was hard to tolerate, sorry XD

  14. Its different to see shakespear done in American accents (I've always heard the BBC versions) still its good and I love this play.

  15. Wow you guys rocked this!!! I especially liked their way of conveying emotions when acting. For instance, they didn’t make it seem like Shakespeare wrote some boring old plays; they turned the dialogues into jokes, laughing when mad (Helena). These things, i truly enjoyed! Well done Rice University! Credits to Titania and the director for making it happen in a splendid way!

  16. Oh, how Shakespeare must be shuddering in his grave, in hearing his play spoke in "American"…………….yep an English Snob!!!!!!

  17. I really enjoyed Hermia, her acting and portrayal of this character was amazing! Robin the Puck was fantastic too. The acting during the broken lantern scene was so enjoyable. Great job to the entire cast! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  18. The Tempest. This is the literary
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    because Shakespeare secretly practiced Catholicism, and his family
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    Catholics of the island. Who lives on the island of Shakespare's
    Tempest? They had lived Sycorax before. Look for Sycorax in
    Wikipedia, for example: "An especially odd and early guess at a
    meaning by one critic was sic or rex, a Latin homophone alluding to
    Queen Elizabeth's pride". Elisabeth Sycorax only appears in the
    named text. She is described as a ruthless witch who has already
    died. Now there is Caliban, which is a cannibal transformation.
    Caliban is the son of Elisabeth (who brought Protestantism again
    after the death of Maria Tudor). Protestant cannibals are "eating"
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    being, "like Protestantism then?" But who lives abandoned
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    Shakespeare met Antonio Pérez. Shakespare makes a caricature of
    Antonio Pérez in Love's Labour Lost, called him Don Adriano de
    Armado. Who is the greatest traitor in the Tempest? Antonio, who has
    stolen Prospero (Felipe II) the title of Duke of Milan, has usurped
    the name of Spain.

    The daughter of Alonso (head of the
    real and fictitious army) is called Claribel. How could Spain invade
    England? Taking troops from the Netherlands, to embark them in the
    army. Who was the Spanish sovereign of the Spanish Netherlands,
    daughter of Philip II, king who sent the army? Isabel Clara Eugenia.
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    "Paris is worth a Mass". Shakespeare was thinking that this
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    an invasion, or the solution that there was in France, to bring
    Catholicism to England. In addition, Claribel comes from Tunisia,
    where the uncle of Isabel Clara Eugenia, had just left the Moors
    expelled from Spain by infidels. Sycorax (Elisabeth) fue expulsada de
    Argel, por hacer brujería, era menos cristiana que los argelinos.
    Who is the servant of Prospero and Felipe II: Ariel, the wind, who
    has a childish spirit, and does not always obey Prospero. But
    Prospero reminds him of Ariel, that he rescued him from Sycorax.
    When? When Philip II of Spain was king of England he brought
    Catholicism. So in The Tempest, Ariel brings the ships to England.
    Shakespare could not go further without discovering his intention.
    The text of the Tempest is full of much more subtle allusions, almost
    on each page, showing the suffering and relief of Shakespare. The
    text talks about the barrels of wine from Jerez (Spain) that the
    fleet brings to fill the whole island, and that are hidden in a cave
    (wine for Catholic Masses, which were hidden in the 17th century? )He
    wanted what he thought was best for England.

    What is the last sentence of the
    Tempest, the farewell phrase of Shakespeare from the theaters? A
    Catholic phrase.

  19. Even when reading summaries and No Fear Shakespeare, nothing really puts it into context and into the right perspective like seeing the play performed for an audience

  20. This was wonderful! I've always heard it's hard for folks to stay engaged while watching a Shakespeare play, but this cast was lovely and made it easy. It looked like everyone genuinely had a lot of fun, more and more as the show went on. I enjoyed this 🙂

  21. It's really well done! Best actors: Puck, Bottom, and Hypolyta. In fact I liked all the Mechanicals. Hilarious. The outside campus is really beautiful. My [Chinese] primary students will be starting their production of part of the play very soon.

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