8 Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges

8 Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges

– Could you eat a 105 pound cheeseburger?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (intro music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– As you know, we here at GMM are no stranger to the food challenge,
but we don’t typically focus on quantity. – We leave that to the ridiculous —
– Hmm. marketing schemes of restaurants.
And today, we highlight some of the most ridiculous restaurant dishes
that are food quantity challenges. And you probably have already noticed that
we’ve got the same T-shirt on. – Yes we do.
– Look at that. Total coincidence! Let’s move right along. No, actually this
is a shirt that’s gonna be available for you to purchase that will benefit
an amazing charity. We will talk more about that
after we go through these. So let’s get started with the first one.
This is the Gran Chingon Challenge. This is in the Don Chingon restaurant
in Brooklyn, New York. – Basically it’s to eat a 30 pound burrito
– Oh. in less than an hour. Link, I have a
30 pound bag of sand here for reference – I did see that.
– that I cannot lift – because my back is hurt this week.
– So I have to lift. – Would you please lift that?
– (Link groans) – And he’s not exaggerating.
– (thud) – Oh gosh. That’s —
– That’s crazy! – You gotta eat a burrito —
– Are you serious? You have to eat a burrito that is this big
in less than an hour. But let me tell you what’s at stake, Link. – Look at that. Look at my guns.
– And that’s not a euphemism for anything. – Look at that guys.
– So basically this thing takes two hours to make. It co — How much do you think
this thing costs? I mean, you just held the bag of sand.
How much do you think the burrito costs — – Ahh.
– that weighs that much. – 85 dollars?
– 150. – 150 dollars?
– Close, but no cigar. But here’s the thing: if you eat this
burrito in less than an hour — – Then you’re dead!
– Not only do you get free food for life, but you get to own ten percent
of the restaurant! You become a ten percent owner
in the restaurant. I don’t know if I’d want to be a business
partner with anyone who could consume – a burrito that big.
– I don’t know what kinda — yeah exactly. That’s not a healthy working relationship. “Why is he in this deal?”
“Well, he ate the burrito.” – (laughs)
– Hey! I don’t know. Vic Robey the owner says, “You’re way
beyond getting your name on the wall. You’re getting the wall.” (laughs)
“You’re getting the wall!” – I got another one here —
– Hasn’t happened yet, just started in October 2015.
Nobody’s done it yet. Umm, the Inferno Bowl Challenge in
Nitally’s ThaiMex Cuisine in St. Petersburg, Florida.
The challenge is you have to consume – the entire 48 ounces of soup —
– That’s a big soup. in less than 30 minutes.
I mean, that is a huge bowl. – It contains broth, noodles, veggies —
– That’s a huge bowl. 12 different spicy peppers,
including the ghost pepper. – Which, yeah. It’s hot, but as we
– Ahh. – have proven, it’s not a big deal.
– No. (gasp) (hiccup) (burp) (gag)
(hiccups) (gag) (screams) – We could totally nail this —
– Easy! Except that it costs 50 dollars.
That’s the only reason why I’m not – gonna do it.
– Oh. Mm. Uh-oh. Your prize is a free meal,
so they refund your 50 dollars. You get a picture on the wall,
and you get a progressive jackpot of how much money is in there
from other people failing. – Okay.
– There were 221 challengers, and then the 222nd challenger was the
first person to actually finish the soup. – 222.
– Do you know what his technique was? – He bathed in it.
– No, he ate all the solids and then he funneled all the liquids into a big two
liter bottle and then drank it all. – Oh. Smart!
– I guess? I don’t know. Yeah, definitely!
You gotta have a technique, man. I don’t know what technique
you’re gonna have — – I guess it did work.
– For the 8th Wonder Challenge. This is Clinton Station Diner
in Clinton, New Jersey. You have one hour for a team
of up to ten people – to eat a 105 pound cheeseburger.
– That’s huge! There it is. It is actually the largest
cheeseburger in the world, Link. Set the world record. I would have thought
the biggest cheeseburger in the world would have been bigger than this honestly,
like as big as a house, but no this is it. 105 pounds. You do not have to eat
the crown. The crown is just decoration. So ten people. Okay. Nine of your friends.
That helps a little bit. You gotta split the cost between the ten
of you: 260 buckaroos for this thing. – That ain’t a cheap cheeseburger, son.
– For the size it is. But you know what’s at stake?
You can win 5,000 dollars. That’s 500 bucks each;
do a little math there. – Do I have to?
– Many teams have tried, and no one has ever conquered this challenge.
And this puts this into perspective. – How would you even start?
– Do you — well, probably a knife. – Probably divide it up into ten pieces.
– Face first. Do you know how many calories
are in this thing? – Uh, ten people… 25,000 calories.
– 160,000 calories. – Ooh, I was off by a factor of four.
– That’s 16,000 calories per person. That’s like a week’s worth of food
in one hour. – Yeah, — you should be sad about that.
– Good luck. Hasn’t been done yet. Alright let me give you another one:
Fat Sal’s Deli’s Big Fat Fatty Challenge. – Um, it’s in Los Angeles and San Diego.
– A lot of fat in there. Choose your poison. The challenge is
eat the entire Heart Attack Hoagie in less than 45 minutes. This thing is
27-inch garlic bread. – Mmh — Yes please –Uh-huh.
– With shredded beef, cheeseburgers, cheese sticks, fried eggs,
jalapeno poppers, pastrami, fried chicken, chili, onion rings,
french fries. – Basically everything in the deli,
– I have no problem with any of that! they raked onto 27 inches of garlic bread.
The prize is you get it for free. – Oh, good!
– And you get to create a custom sub – and name it.
– Oh. That is pretty good. – So you can have the Rhett Sub there.
– Oh, I can? I’m up for it? Guess who the owner of the restaurant is. – The guy who played Face on A-Team.
– (laughs) I’ve always thought he went on
to bigger and better things. I would — no. It’s Turtle from Entourage. – Oh, okay.
– Which fits his character. – Wow!
– Just throw everything on the sub. That’s not an impression, ’cause I don’t
have one of Turtle from Entourage. Uh, ok. The 15 Dozen Club Challenge
in the Acme Oyster House in Louisiana. Basically you have to consume
15 dozen oysters, that’s 180. – 180?
– In one hour. Okay, a couple rules: You cannot choose the oysters.
Apparently some people do. You just gotta eat the oysters
they put in front of you. You cannot vomit. However,
you can take trips to the restroom, but you will be accompanied to make sure
you’re “not making room for more oysters”. – Which — I mean, there’s a couple ways
– Egh. – to make room for more oysters.
– (laughs) There’s a couple of orifices
that I can think of. – Egh!
– So I don’t know… Technically, do they follow you into the stall to see that
you’re only peeing, or what ends – it’s coming out of?
– I’m not gonna answer that question. We didn’t get those details.
You think anybody’s ever done this? Yeah; I’m having a hard time thinking this
one is — you’d have a hard time with it. – Yeah.
– You’re having a hard time thinking – people are having a hard time with it?
– Yeah! – Inception. Yes, it’s actually not that
– (laughs) – hard to do.
– Hard time inception. Lots of people do it. And just to put
this into perspective, competitive eater Sonya Thomas once ate 46 dozen
Acme oysters from this place, that’s 552 oysters, in ten minutes.
So you can eat 180 — Oh yeah. They slide right down
in the gullet. — in an hour.
But hey, you get the oysters for free. – And you get a T-shirt!
– And we can give you another one. – We love T-shirts!
– The Fire In The Hole Challenge, Munchies 420 Cafe in Sarasota, Florida,
you eat ten “Fire In Your Hole” hot wings, – Woah, your hole, huh?
– In less than 20 minutes. – They’re made from —
– You put ’em in the mouth though, right? They’re made from — yes.
They’re made from chicken wings with — They’re made from chicken wings? They’re
chicken wings made from chicken wings! – (laughs)
– Stop the presses! They’ve got habanero peppers, hot sauce,
cayenne, chili powder, crushed red pepper, – garlic, and ghost pepper extract!
– Oh. – Ooh. The devil’s spit.
– (laughs) Yeah, that’s gonna be hot. Basically what that is. As we’ve
established though, we don’t have any – any problem with ghost pepper stuff.
– No, what? (screams) 20 dollars, you have to eat these.
Now Adam Richmond from Man v. Food, – he did attempt this — and uh,
– Yeah. I saw this episode. Okay, well then how many wings did he eat? I can’t remember, but he got like six.
He got like half of ’em. six. – He only got two.
– Oh. – So what does that tell you?
– I didn’t watch closely. He said it’s the hottest thing
he’s ever eaten. You’re not allowed to drink milk
while you’re doing this, so… – I wouldn’t go for that one, guys.
– Okay, the Kitchen Sink Challenge, San Francisco Creamery Company,
Walnut Creek, California. Basically, this is one
that resets every year, so there’s a champion every year
who can eat this monster-sized sundae – in the least time that year.
– Okay. Now, three bananas, eight scoops
of ice cream, eight toppings, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries,
all put into a kitchen sink container. Isn’t that cute? You don’t have to eat
that, though. You just have to eat the ice cream. It costs $47.95.
You cannot share it. You cannot take a bathroom break.
And you know what you win? If you can consume this thing
the fastest time in the whole year? – Okay just think —
– FREE ICE CREAM FOR A YEAR! Because you’re not gonna
want any more ice cream – for the next year, so this is the
– (laughs) – best marketing thing, ever.
– Umm — And only a few people
have actually won this thing. There’s some guy that sets an amazing
record at the beginning of the year, then one person might beat it.
What do you think the record time for this is, this year so far?
Eating that thing? I mean, I can’t eat ice cream fast,
but I’m sure there’s people that can. – I’m gonna say six minutes.
– 20 minutes and 37 seconds, – Oh.
– By Jamie “the Bear” McDonald. “You hear about what the Bear did
the other night?” The coldness does it for you.
Now I’ve got one more that I’m gonna save for Good Mythical More,
and it is a huge pizza, because, not only am I gonna tell you about
this one, we are also going to eat a huge pizza. That’s right. We are gonna
do a pizza-eating challenge, but we should tell ’em about the Oh My Flavors T-Shirts
because this is important. It’s not about us selling some merch
and making money, ’cause we’re not gonna – give any of this money to ourselves.
– That’s right, so okay. Now you may remember if you’ve been
a fan for awhile that — well you know we eat a lot of weird stuff
on this show, and there was one time that Link was eating something and his only
response that he had come up with was, “Oh my flavors.” (laughs) Gosh! Oh, my goodne —
Oh my goodness! – OH MY GOODNESS! I didn’t expect it!
– (crew laughs) – That is so sour! Oh my flavors!
– “Oh my flavors!” And so we’ve put that iconic phrase
onto a T-shirt! That’s right, it’s big, it’s bold,
it’s a lovely shade of mint green, and it’s available
for only a limited time.>From now until November 30th
at Rhettandlink.com/store and listen to this, 100% of our proceeds
will be donated to one of our favorite charities, Action Against Hunger.
100% of the proceeds. Action Against Hunger works to end
world hunger and provides communities with access to safe water and hygiene.
So help us help Action Against Hunger by heading over to Rhettandlink.com/store
and ordering a shirt for yourself. Thanks for liking and commenting
and subscribing! You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Lea.
– And I’m (inaudible). – From (inaudible)
– Australia! – And it’s time to spin
– the Wheel of Mythicality! – ♪ (theme music) ♪
– Don’t forget to get the Oh My Flavors T-shirt,available only until November 30th
at Rhettandlink.com/store Benefits Action Against Hunger.
Click through to Good Mythical More, where we are going to eat the world’s
largest deliverable pizza. Yes, — – We’re gonna try.
– We actually have that thing coming. – It’s unbelievable.
– Freeze frame! (clicks)
♪ (soft piano music) ♪ – ♪ (outro music) ♪
– I feel like this is four for me. – I lost count.
– Yeah, counting to four is difficult. – (laughs)
– I mean sometimes you hit a wrong turn between two and three.

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