64 Bits – Detective Pikachu Noir – (Animated Max Payne Parody)

64 Bits – Detective Pikachu Noir – (Animated Max Payne Parody)

One thing you can count on: You push a man
too far, and sooner or later he’ll start pushing back. This wasn’t the first one.. this was a follow
up to a string of murders. It was like Christmas, every month a new gruesome
present for me to open. You could say this Doduo got tangled up in
affairs, twisted like the cheap pretzel you’d get on your short break, with the salty taste
of death sprinkled on top. Carefully picked out. This wasn’t the case of wrong place, wrong
time. “Jenny.” “Sir?” “Get me a coffee. Black.” “Right away Sir.” When you’re in this deep there’s no way of
getting out. If only Tim was here, we’d crack this case
in no time. Me and Tim had been partners for a long time. Almost like a cheesy crime show on TV, we
were the buddy cops everyone was jealous of. However, all good things come to an end, especially
when lifes biggest obstacle gets in the way… Puberty. Tim got bored and left me behind in the ashes
of what used to be fond memories. The only thing that kept me running was the
taste of cheap coffee. This hot liquid pouring down my throat like
lava, forcing me to stay in this hell hole. It was a blessing straight from the devil
himself. Jenny. The sweetest angel at the department, her
smile could heal wounds. If only I wasn’t the bitter bastard I was,
I could be more for her. “Sir!” “What is it Jenny?” “Another one. Just now.” “Let’s go.” I knew from the get go that this one felt
different. More deliberate, planned… executed. The killer was acting like a child and I was
his favorite toy. He had me under his control, controlled what
I did and didn’t see. Here, he was trying to show me something specific. “Jenny, we’re heading back.” “Is there anything you need from me Sir?” “No thanks Jenny, go get some rest. Good work today.” “Sir.” It’s the calm before the storm that scares
me the most and I was about to hit it head on. The killer was creative, making letters out
of his victims. Like a nightmare on Sesame Street, he painted
his pictures with blood and intestines. I got hit in the face with the shovel of reality
before the storm even came, realising I was already too late. “Jenny!” The weather made the scene as my tired feet
ran off in the distance, feeding off of the idea it was gonna make a difference. -Loud door bang- “Freeze! Police!” But I was already too late. “No, no no no no… Please no.” She was the dame to die for, but instead,
the grim reaper didn’t even give me that. “Give it up you sick bastard! It’s the end of the line!” “If only I was as popular as you Pikachu.” “What?” “If only you would show people that I was
also as important as you were.” “Well.” -Chuckels- “Now the spotlight is on me!” -Hysterical laughing- “How does it feel Pikachu?! “To have everyting taken from you?!” “You took my childhood from me!” Tim was right, I was a sucker for the press. As flies were attracted to crap I was attracted
to cases. Didn’t think about Tim’s feelings at all. Now it made him like this. “But why resort to killing?! You’re better than that!” “HA!” “You know I wanted to be Pokemon master!” “I wanted to be… the very best!” “But instead of that, I was chasing you around
all the time.” “This…” “is so much more fun.” “Gotta kill em all, right Pikachu?!” “And I haven’t killed a Pikachu yet…!” “Don’t you do it…” -Gunshot- -Grunts- “Damn it Tim!” “Looks like… I’ll be flying off… Again…” “Heh…” “Noooooo!” They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark on everything that had led to this point. I ended up being the villain of the story, the center of it all. Making victims of the people I cared for most. -sigh- At least the coffee is still crap. -sips coffee-

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  1. As a fun gag we made Pikachu's mug a real thing: http://bit.ly/detectivemug
    And if you want to support us consider our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/64bits

    Thank you so much guys! Smack that Like and Share button!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Yet another brilliant animation; it's a shame you guys don't have as much recognition as you should for your sheer talent, but this is great nonetheless.

  3. In smash heaven you made sakurai slap banjo – kazooie, sans, and cuphead which they got turned into fighters in the game

    Edit: thanks for the heart

  4. phone rings
    Pikachu: "Hello ?"
    strange voice: "Pikachu, you're in a crossover animated short"

    The truth was burning like a green crack through my brain…

    Every action I made, every step in my past present and future life was a carefully planned and constructed work of art, mixed with cunning pop culture references and dark humor, the most morbid scenarios just sequences of frames for the amusement of an invisible audience…
    I was in a crossover animated short, funny as hell, it was the most awesome thing I could think of.

  5. Huh? You made the generic female cop a waifu again, good work! In general this animation is very good, no, even more than that!

  6. – When I saw that my favorite pokemon (roselia) was brutally murdered, the "R" was formed with her petals and body –

    – Cry in petals-

  7. I can't even describe how good this is, this is just a masterpiece and the ideas are outstanding. I bet you guys will be one of the best animators in the whole wide world maybe even bigger than that. Love all of your stuff, keep it up ❤

  8. I like the surprisingly well-done mixture of seriousness and tongue-in-cheek comedy pertaining to Pokemon and dramas (obviously those akin to Max Payne), but, by far the best part is the Eggsecuted pun.

    Just one negative, though, is that the audio is that the audio is a bit too quiet in some spots (like the scene on the rooftop near the end).

  9. I'm sorry Pikapal, but she's a Jenny she's a dime-a-dozen you can get a new one.

    Great work guys! Also I love how y'all incorporated the 1st themesong's lyrics! 😄

  10. hah i figured it out as soon as he said the killer was “acting childish” but it was really good. as another commenter said, it’s “blasting off again” not “flying off again” but yeah… really good!

  11. Wow, its atmosphere is so gorgeous…! You keep evolving and moving forward. OeO
    Except… the criminal is so crazy to take.

  12. Wow! This is really well animated video thats just fantastic all around, I wonder how many subs this channel ha-

    (Sees the sub count)

    (Sees the view count)

    GeE tHaNkS yOuTuBe

  13. You are great this animation is so good ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ but, I hate detective pikachu😑😑😑😑😑

  14. I love how the animation ended up. Thank you guys so much for letting me work on this for the past few months! It was a blast!

    To those who have seen their favourite Pokémon dead in this animation… I'm sorry for drawing them 🙁

  15. Holy moly, what is wrong with you?!

    …What is wrong with me, I liked this!! (joke)

    Good work guys!! Stellar job 😀

  16. I just realized pikachu was the one with puberty that ripped the partnership! Puberty caused pikachu to be very selfish which made Tim mad!

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