60 Second Premiere Tutorial : Create the Ken Burns Effect (Still Image Animation) -HD-

60 Second Premiere Tutorial : Create the Ken Burns Effect (Still Image Animation) -HD-

When working in Premiere you may want to give
your still images a little more life by using the Ken Burns effect. So first drag your still image into your timeline. Then take and zoom out so that you can see
the entire image. Next, double click on your image and then
move and scale your image so that you can get it to where you first want your animation
to start. So then make sure that your playhead is at
the very beginning of your image clip. Then open up your effects controls window
and then open up the motion tab and turn on keyframes by clicking the stopwatch for things
like position and scale that you wish to animate. Next, take your playhead and move it to the
very end of your image clip. And now, take over in your viewing window,
and move and scale the image for the ending position of your animation. So now if we take and view this final animation,
you’ll be able to see that we have a nice subtle movement over the duration of the still
image. So this has been a 60 second tutorial by RiverCityGraphix. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and comment for

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  1. It was so nice to have somebody explain this to me in a minute instead of dragging the whole thing out and still not answering my question. Thank you for your help!

  2. OMG YES! My "client" wants me to use the Ken Burns effect (UGH). I am very beginner-ish with Pro and trying to figure out how to do this without an easy "one button click" is kicking my ass on a Friday afternoon at 4:30. YOU'RE A LIFESAVER.

  3. Is there a shortcut to move from the very start and end of the photo in the effect control window to add the scale and position start and end points, without going in the next photo or vid clip? using adobe premier 2017

  4. This is how all videos should be. There's nothing worse than fluff in a tutorial video. Great job!

  5. this is one of the best and quickest tutorials i've seen on youtube and a bonus; you dont have a dubstep intro, thank god.

    love this. I'm subscribing for all my premiere pro needs

  6. Your animations will be smoother if you add Temporal Interpolation to your key frames. Once you have set the position and scale, select each pair of key frames and right+click on them. Select Temporal Interpolation from the drop down menu and choose 'Ease Out' for the starting key frames, and then choose 'Ease In' for the ending key frames.

  7. Wow, amazing!! I messed around with this for many hours (including watching tutorials from adobe), but you made it so simple. Thank you!!!

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