6 things to bring to a Graphic Design Interview

6 things to bring to a Graphic Design Interview

Hi everyone, this is Anne with Graphic Design
How To, and today I’m going to tell you 6 things to bring to a graphic design interview. And I’ve done about 30 interviews myself where
I’m the interviewee. And I’ve also interviewed probably 30 to 40
graphic design candidates. So I’ve been on both sides of the table. And the candidates who have impressed me the
most have been super prepared, I mean, over the top prepared. So I’ve taken some of the things that I’ve
noticed the candidates doing and applied them to my own interviews. And I feel like it’s been pretty successful. Now a lot of these things you might think
are unnecessary, but I found that it really impresses the interviewer and that’s why I
do a lot of them. Alright, let’s get started. #1, the first thing you want to bring to every
interview is a resume. I’ve got my own here, and I usually bring
five copies of my resume…just In case there are five people in the interview. If there are 10, I still feel like five is
enough, maybe they can share something. So it’s good to be prepared, even though they
probably already have your resume, it’s good to have it ready to give to people who might
not have printed it off before the interview. #2: References. I usually bring about five copies of that
too. And I usually have three to five references
on the page. #3, of course, your portfolio. I have this portfolio case and inside is a
printed portfolio… It might be a little hard to show this. But all the layouts are really clean and simple. I don’t have a lot of recent work in here,
but of course it’s a great idea to get recent work. Now you don’t have to have a printed portfolio. You can also have a digital portfolio. But please make sure to bring something to
the interview. So if you need to bring a laptop or an iPad
to show your portfolio, do that. Don’t come in empty handed, because the room
that you’re using might not have a screen so that you can get online and show people
your portfolio. Another great thing to have are printed pieces
in addition to what you’ve shown in your portfolio. So here are some examples of what I mean by
printed pieces. I didn’t design this catalog, but I have designs
– I used to be a Tshirt designer – so some of the designs in this catalog are mine. Here’s a postcard of a project that I was
involved with, a coaster, some printed gift wrap, and just some little brochures and things
that I’ve made over the years. So the reason I like to bring this stuff is
because people like to hold things in their hands and look at how everything came together. Sometimes you can’t really convey that in
your portfolio itself. #4: Printed pages from the website. Before an interview, I usually go out to a
company’s website, take a few screenshots, print those out on just letter sized paper,
and then go through and highlight parts that I think are important. When the interviewer asks, What do you know
about our company? I pull out those pages and say something like,
‘Well, when I looked at your website, these things really stood out to me, I love that
your company has these values, because these are really important to me, too.’ Every time I’ve done this, the interviewer
is always so impressed that I actually took the time to really read through their website
and see what the company is all about. #5: to five questions written down on a piece
of paper. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an interview
where the interviewer didn’t ask, ‘Do you have any questions for us?’ So when they ask this, I just pull out that
sheet of paper and say, ‘Well, let me read through these and see if there’s anything
we haven’t covered.’ And of course, there are always a couple questions
that they haven’t covered. And then I ask those, and this is just another
thing to show the interviewer that you’re prepared, and that you’re proactive, you took
the initiative. And that is a really great thing for an employee
to do at a company! #6: A really nice professional looking binder
or folder to hold all this stuff. So this is the one that I use. It’s zippered all the way around. It holds the samples. And it has a couple pens in it, I always do
two pens, just to make sure one doesn’t run out of ink. And I always take notes on this notebook paper. I have a couple business cards in there. And then all the samples that I showed you
earlier. Bonus! A leave behind. This is a promotional item – it usually has
your branding on it, and it’s something to remind the interviewer of you after the interview. I’ve personally never really done these. And as an interviewer, I don’t really expect
them, but it’s nice when I get them. The most helpful ones are something that is
really useful. So that is something I want to keep on my
desk because I use it all the time. And every time I use it, I’m reminded of that
interviewee who left it for me. So even if they didn’t get the job, they’re
still fresh in my mind, and maybe they would get it next time if they applied. So it doesn’t hurt. Alright, that’s my video for this week. If you liked it, please click on the ‘Like’
button. And if you think there’s anything that I’ve
left out, please leave that in the comment section below. Thank you and I’ll see you next week with
another graphic design video!!!

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  1. I wish I'd have seen this last week in preparation for my interview ha! It was really short notice so I didn't have time to put together a quality portfolio of recent work and I never even considered taking my laptop/notepad oops! Deffo feel more confident now should anymore interviews come up soon.

  2. Hey Champion is one of my fav brands..

    Even though they kind of phased out in London since the late 80's i stuck with them..

    I was all Navy blue at my last interview, even my iPhone case..

  3. paging Ruby Paulina ;P
    I stopped bringing my printed portfolio (as well as stopped updating it) and always bring my ipad or macbook with a full-screen PDF loaded of my properly screen formatted portfolio (e.g. 16:9 ratio for MBP 4:3 ratio for iPad, don't let letterboxing make you look like an amateur!!!) in Acrobat press Cmd+L for full screen. An added bonus: buy a bluetooth presenter remote on amazon, theyr'e dirt cheap and make you look like a pro changing slides on your laptop with ease instead of hunched over it or SMACKING a key every time. Also rehearse rehearse rehearse explaining your portfolio.

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