5 Pokemon Controversies that No One Saw Coming

5 Pokemon Controversies that No One Saw Coming

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  1. Ah, everytime an extremely popular thing such as Pokemon or DnD brings the religious nuts out of their holes and rustles their jimmies, it gives me life.

  2. Did the seizure episode accidentally end up on netflix in 2013ish time? I could've sworn I've seen it but when I went to look it wasn't there anymore.

  3. wtf are you talking about kadabra was in the original set of the pokemon card game and the manga and animae after the lawsuit bruh wtf did you just say that it wasnt, not very nerdly to get your nerd facts wrong




  5. I actually remember listening to a priest talking about these crap and I remember saying as a young kid "is it bad to be friends with satan" 😂

  6. The religious crusade against Pokemons is just as pathetic as their crusade against Dungeons & Dragons.

  7. I am surprised the creators of Pokemon haven't simply edited the seizure episode to change the flashing so its no longer seizure-inducing.

  8. Just for anyone who wants to know "uri geller" the psychic is an absolute fraud, his signature move the spoon bending is accomplished by privately bending the spoon over and over in the same spot until the metal gets soft from the constant bending.. Then have someone hold either end of the spoon and then when you go to touch it, even a small touch will bend the spoon.

  9. My dad like made me stop Pokémon for like a year he thought that Pokémon was about demons and monsters. But he was chill after he started watching and playing games with me he was cool with it

  10. Wasn’t there something else about the song from…I forget…the place where Pokémon are buried in the Kanto region, anyway, the theme song of the town causing kids to turn sick?

    …or was that an urban legend? Maybe the latter but it’s curious nevertheless.

  11. So Pokémon GO was sued because either players or local citizens break the law? It deserves media attention but the responsibles are the people who are stupid enough to get addicted or attack players. It is just like the drama of Teletubbies whose creators were sued because a child wanted to cut open its stomach and push a toasters inside – all because the mother didn't observe her child properly.
    -> People's stupidity is no reason to sue a company because it is not responsible for what insanity people make out of the content.

  12. I also think it is misleading that Pokémon has a concept called 'evolution' because what they have is not a process of evolving over time to adapt to the environment but an upgrade system. The word 'upgrade' doesn't sound as cool but it reflects the concept better as the Pokémon just get better and stronger. I think religious fundamentalists are judging without having analysed the franchise the slightest as the term 'evolution' has little to do with science.

  13. That porygon episode isn't too bad at alfnem199293wlocloellsnzzzzzzzzzvzavvwejejekekkr ebebenejjkddkoeoeoofo f e. E eenrnnd.2(2929(2nsn21$,jwjwk

  14. lol, you mentioned the controversy about the stobbing red and blue colors causing epileptic seizures and then show it on your video… wow

  15. Funnily enough, I went to a Christian private academy at the height of the Pokemon original releases. Cards, games, the works. I started an underground card smuggling ring, set up matches in empty classrooms, provided lookouts, and designated the contacts and mediated any trades that needed to take place. In the 5th grade I got busted and my sister and I got kicked out of the school by the pastor, who was also the principal. Wildly under-qualified man.

  16. Its pretty dumb that pokemon go was made. Its fun and all, but.. its literally life threatening if the player is dumb enough to take it seriously and just trespass anywhere, and what will their excuse be? = I was playing pokemon go.

  17. According too alot of Christians….

    I must be satan himself if like everything that is satanic..

    Like that fudger jigglypuff

  18. Of course Pokémon is an evil thing, if you put MEW upside down it still spells MEW, that's just plain black magic right there!

  19. Fundamentalist Christians are a cancer and I grew up Christian and went to a Catholic school they taught us evolution not believing in evolution is a fundamentalist thing most are not that dense.

  20. 1:30 talks about the episode with red and blue lights that caused epileptic fits and plays the same clip that did such with no warning. 🤣
    At least slow it down. Damn.

  21. Lol the first thing I thought of when the guy was talking about casting spells and summoning demons was "someone hasn't been to an FNM"

  22. Wait, you're telling me that Pokemon didn't lead me to worship Satan? Oh no…..

    I'm in deep shit…… Oh well, you only live once, right?

  23. Why censor the entire episode and stop it from ever being rebroadcasted? Why not simply remake that short segment to not have the flashing red/blue lighting? There are many very good options to replace it with something else.

  24. Not being an arse, but any epileptic having grand mâles have to go to the hospital, so the 690 aren't too surpeising

  25. I loved your MtG comparison there, and the entirety of the evangelical community near to where I live used to burn Pokemon, Yugioh, and Magic cards that kids had. Not to mention destroying video games and probably thousands of dollars worth of property that parents had purchased for their kids.

  26. I had a neighbor call the cops because I was trying to find a bulbasaur in front of his house and he thought I was scoping his house out to rob it

  27. Just read in on the story about the dude getting fired and ngl the people who went out of their way to do that are fucked in the head

  28. lol i'm a christian and even i think that it's stupid that people think it's about demons and just because the bible says evolution never happened doesn't mean a fictional franchise can't feature it

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