5 MORE Types of Arsenal Players (Roblox Animation)

5 MORE Types of Arsenal Players (Roblox Animation)

Delinquent: Wow! Who are you? You are not an Arsenal character. O_O Eggboy26: Greetings, friend! I am Eggboy26. I have come to make friends. *falling sound* *BaNg* This is NOT epic. Mime Girl: The floor is lava. Do not touch the floor.>:( Phoenix: Oh boy! I cannot wait to be the strongest gamer by spawn camping! What is that? LOOK! A cute butterfly! 😀 *BaNg* I hate butterflies.>:/ *SpLaT* Delinquent: Oh my goodness! The Counter Blox Soldier was killed. I will avenge you. D: *GuNsHoT* *Bullet whizzing by* Mime Girl: Did you just try to shoot me? You are a foolish grapefruit. Die. *GuNsHoT* *BANg* Delinquent: I hate this game :/ *SpLAt* Phoenix: I have resurrected from the eery depths of the afterlife to inform you that the Delinquent sucks eggs! *sad trombone :(* Time to return to the land of the dead! *SplaT* Boi: Your reign of terror will come to an end now, foolish mime! Mime Girl: You cannot hit me! You are a monkey. Boi: You must have forgotten, I am a mobile player! *GunShOt* *HEADSHOT* Mime Girl: This game is well-balanced. :] Boi: Wow. It is so difficult being a mobile gamer. I am so skilled at this game! Brute: This computer is the perfect device to complete my taxes on. Finally! Boi: Hello Brute! Guess what? Brute: What do you want? -_- Boi: I’m going to shoot you! *gunshot* *tWaNg* Brute: Wow. Great shot, banana boy. *HEADSHOT* Brute: Mobile players definitely do not have an advantage! *oh god john roblox slow down you’re goiNG TOO FAST JOHN NO! AHHHHHHFGAFUIQHWIFUOQWHFQIUO* *EXPLOSION* *BabyRage SCREAMING* *Hyperventilating* John Brick: Pizza Man, stop dancing.>:( Pizza Boy: Dancing is the way to victory, John Brick! John Brick: If you continue to anger me, you shall feel the fury of a thousand suns as I destroy you with my mac-10. John Roblox: Mac-10? More like CRAP-10!!!!! XDXDXD Pizza Boy: Oh my goodness, John Roblox! I’m such a huge fan! 😀 I must let you know that my favourite gun is the pepper gun! John Roblox: Pepper gun? More like POOPOO GUN! xD! Pizza Boy: That was not nice. I’m going to leave a dislike on all your videos. Hidden Star: John Roblox. I have urgent news. John Roblox: *Curious monkey noises* Hidden Star: Zero Two will never love you. John Roblox: GAGHHHHH *EXPLOSION* Hidden Star: What a stupid vegetable. Just like everyone else in this stupid game. I’m going to find things to complain about, just because I can. Woods: I don’t feel like fighting today, I just want to sit here against this cool barrel. 🙂 Hidden Star: Do you want to know what I think of you and your barrel? Woods: Of course. Please share your thoughts, Hidden Star. Hidden Star: You both suck. You both suck eggs. Huge eggs. The eggs are so huge you wouldn’t believe how huge they really were. By the way I’m not sure if I mentioned it
but you’re also stupid and dumb. Woods: That just wasn’t nice at all. Why are you so toxic? Hidden Star: Toxic? I’m not toxic. Let me ask you a question. Why were you not in the Q&A video? Did nobody ask you a question? You are a fish stick. Woods: That’s it. You will be the first to experience my dominant strengh. Prepare yourself. *HEADBUTT* Hidden Star: What the flim-flam. I cannot believe you activated hax just to defeat me. You are big loser brains. I’m leaving. Woods: What a foolish grapefruit. There are no hackers in this game. *helicopter noises* Fanboy: Did you forget about me? *hacking noises* Woods: Thank you Arsenal developers for this great gaming experience. Fanboy: I am so good at this game! It’s tough being the best player the world has ever seen! *Helicopter noises* Scarecrow: I’m so excited to play my first game of Arsenal today! I shall get the victory royale! 😀 *Hacking noises* Why do you have to ruin the fun? 😐 Fanboy: It’s not my fault I’m such a god gamer. 😀 Scarecrow: I hope everyone in the YouTube comments calls you a fat meatball.>:/ Fanboy: If only these people knew my main account, then they would obey all my commands and call me king! Zombie boy! I did not forget what happened last time we met. You will die, foolish grapefruit. Zombie Boy: You will never catch
me alive! *Laggy running noises* I hate my internet. 🙁 Fanboy: I’m done playing games with you, monkey boy! *Hacker noises* Wait. How did you just teleport? Zombie Boy: It’s not me I swear! It’s the lag. D: Fanboy: W h a t . Baby: I am baby. 😀 *STAB* Fanboy: This game sucks. Baby: I am baby with a knife! 😀 Zombie Boy: Thank you for saving my life, little baby. Baby: It is okay, Zombie Boy! I shall give you a hug! 😀 *STAB* Zombie Boy: Ouch. 🙁 Baby: Whoopsie-daisy! I just killed my friend! Oh well, I’m going to play Adopt Me. GOODBYE! Thanks for watching the video
let me get closer to the mic here so I think the rest of the videos gonna be a
bunch of little twitch clips if you didn’t know I’m a live stream on
twitch.tv /a curries yeah Wow wacky huh so yeah bye bye have fun wonderful day
please please God subscribe please please it’s a video is anything gonna
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decided to animate this purple snake arrivederci a tutti a security leak MRE
locker room fat meatball

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  1. Wouldn't it be cool if we could get to 45,000 subscribers 😳 Haha jk… unless 😳😳😳
    I'll be uploading NEW icons of the new arsenal characters featured in this video so you guys can use them as profile pictures on my twitter! -> https://twitter.com/JackeryzTTV/status/1237504767795986432
    P.S. make sure to check out the secret character type that is shown after the outro 😉

  2. Bacon Hacker is a fat meatball

    Bacon hacker:Wa Wa Wa I’m am so sad this game suck and go suck egg Bryan772122

  3. Just if you want to make a video called "The Arsenal Gang Does YOUR Dares!"
    I have a few good dares
    – Delinquent asking Rabblerouser if she wants to go out with him
    – Fanboy trying to win an Arsenal game WITHOUT hacking
    – Counter Blox Soldier promotes an advertisement on the "Zero Two Hate Club"
    k bye

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