5 Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of Dec. 2018)

5 Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of Dec. 2018)

I was around 10 years old when this happened Me and my two best friends and our parents were on a long vacation in Turkey not very good as a portal one night me and my two best friends wall call team had failed for this video were saying that things room in the hotel while our parents were in the Jolla restaurant the room wasn’t bad actually all of our rooms seemed safe at least we thought it was we were having a lot of fun watching Simpsons and play Monopoly but what happened that night still makes me have jaws So it was around 1:00 a.m. And our turns were late Phil looked at them through the window and said They’re still in that stupid restaurant yeah they told us they’ll come back until 11 p.m. I answered Guys someone is knocking on the door Tim said it’s probably just room service Phil said Can we can we not open the door I said I was pretty scared in that situation I was only 10 and my friends were only two and three years older than me So we were all pretty much defenseless children in the room The team was the oldest answered oh c’mon is just room service The guy on the other side of the door said hello can you please open the door When he said that we were all scared in a couple of minutes of silence he said in a louder voice open the card turnbaugh I started crying because I knew he was a room-service because if he was to have talked in Turkish I Was in shock as in that moment I realized that this strange guys is in a fake ID card to open the door Tim grabbed both of us and we ran to the bathroom and locked the door Luckily the guy wasn’t fast to get us he was screaming to open the door I said look a phone luckily Tina’s mom left her phone so we could call her if we needed anything So Phil grabbed the phone and call his dad and told him the situation and they came up to find a guy nowhere They thought we were lying to them until the horror manager showed them the footage we found out that the man was stalking us and a couple other children in a couple of days police had finally caught him he Was a serial rapist and a pedophile we were just, lucky he wasn’t fast to get us I will never forget that night as that was the worst day of my life When I was 15 my mother went out shopping he left me in charge of the house it was starting to get dark and I realized my little brother was nowhere to be found I Asked my sister if she knew where he was and she said he had gone to the park around the corner to kick his soccer ball around I Told, her to watch the house while I was gone and ran off to the direction of the park when, I got there I was surprised to find the park completely empty I called out my brother’s name but there was no answer I started to get worried and all of a sudden I heard a faint muffled noise coming from my left I turned just in time is he a tall figure disappearing behind a large fence I sprinted as fast as I could when I came around to the other side of the fence I saw something that almost made me choking whore My little brother was being dragged down the alleyway by tall man I flew into a rage and tears of anger stream down my face I Ran in him he must have heard me coming because he turned around and faced me and he dropped my younger brother the tall man tried to grab me but I was running at him so fast that when I slammed into him it knocked him off his feet He swore and tried to get back up but I just started stomping on his face without stopping and asked questions I picked my brother up and ran as fast as I could back to our house by this time it was pitch black outside and my mother was home She was frantic with worrying when she saw the look on our face she realized that something bad had happened? as I explained my brother and I started crying and my mom gave us both the biggest hug ever and she cried with us eventually the police were called but this guy was never found This story takes place when I was a junior high school student One morning during summer vacation after my father went to work my mother and I decided to visit my maternal grandmother who lived in a rural area since my grandmother’s house was located in the countryside getting there required making a left turn then driving for five minutes through a narrow one car wide unpaved road there were rice fields and forests on the sides of the unpaved Road as soon as we arrived I greeted my grandma then went into my youngest uncle’s room I used to like visiting my grandmother’s house because my uncle was a huge gaming fan and his computer was much better than mine at home So once I confirm my uncle was at work I turned on his computer and started playing Doom 3 which used to be the most popular game once upon a time after playing the game for about an hour or two my uncle returned from work upon his arrival My grandmother asked him to take her grocery shopping since my mother my aunt and I were visiting her house So at about 7 p.m They all drove to town to do some grocery shopping I was super excited and waved goodbye to them since I think it is unnecessary to explain why I was excited I’ll just leave it after enjoying about 90 minutes of free time my uncle called He said he was about to turn left on the road well one of the front wheels was punctured and asked me to bring him a new tire which was in the storage shed as I said before after making that left turn it took about five minutes to drive through a narrow Unpaved single lane road to see my grandmother’s house but it took about 20 to 30 minutes on foot Now that I think about it it was quite scary to walk on that road especially at night it had no street lines and was surrounded by rice fields and forests It was almost 9 p.m. And that area got quite dark at about 8:00 because it was in the country so to be honest I was really scared but not wanting anyone to know I was a coward I decided to go I grabbed the tire left the house and started walking along the unpaved Road I could see my uncle’s shining his car’s headlights toward me that said he was still quite far away from me and the headlights looked like two big yellow dots I was a bit relieved knowing my uncle and family were on the other end of this road but the night was dark which deepened my fear you know when you walk in the darkness your eyes adjust and you start to see unclear shapes I felt like I could see someone standing in the rice field and someone sitting down resting his chin on his hands and looking at me through the bushes I broke out in a cold sweat and held my legs to keep them from shaking it felt scarier than being alone on a pitch-dark night and because of the fear and the delusion I had created I remember feeling really dizzy After walking for about 20 minutes I looked towards my uncle’s car and realized I was nearly there feeling happier I rolled the tire faster I rushed the hand over the tire to him as soon as possible but saw something in front of me I wasn’t sure what it was because it was still a bit away from me but it was something dark suddenly I felt strange and slowed down since I wanted to determine what it was while still having some distance I strained my head and neck trying to look carefully but it was too dark although I was scared I started to walk again thinking nothing is going to happen because I have my uncle and family about 300 meters away but when I got closer to it I stopped because it became clearly visible it was an old woman squatting with her mouth open looking at the rice fields I could only see the side of her face but my whole body shivered because her blank facial expression with her mouth open was now clearly visible in the darkness without realizing it I walked really close to the old woman for reasons I don’t understand walking by without saying anything seemed even scarier so I started talking to her with a frightened voice I asked excuse me what are you doing here at night but she did not respond and kept looking at the rice field On the verge of crying I shouted excuse me she then looked at me and I felt my heart tightening even though it was dark I could clearly see she had firm white hair and I could only see the white parts of her eyes the scariest thing were the huge wrinkles and stains covering her face and her wide-open mouth I felt strange like I was going crazy while looking at her I had eye contact but was looking down while she was looking out at me after a few moments of eye contact she turned her body toward me oh My gosh I thought she was sitting down but realized she had no lower body she only had a torso and head which was supported from the ground with two arms a flood of thoughts crossed my mind but I remember thinking there is Satan right in front of me I felt like she was going to run into me with her two arms if I didn’t move So I grabbed the tire of my arms and sprinted with my eyes closed tightly without remembering how long I’d been running I suddenly felt relieved it was the next morning and I was in my grandmother’s room When, I asked my mother what happened she said she was waiting for me in the car and saw me sprinting with my head down Holding the tire in my arms and suddenly fell off the road causing my family to come out of the car shocked after listening to my mother I told her my other family members what I went through Tinky and I had suffered a heat stroke that evening my grandmother made me chicken sue my uncle told me to stop playing horror games and wouldn’t let me play doom 3 anymore from then on I could only play a star wars racing game while staying at my grandmother’s house I still believe it was not a ghost that I saw that day it was just an illusion caused by my mental weakness About ten years ago my three-year-old son and I moved to a house from our apartment It was a very old building and inside of the house always seemed to be just a little darker It was just a little colder than it should’ve been Not long after we moved in a friend of mine came to visit The whole time we were sitting and talking she seemed very uncomfortable when I looked at her face I noticed that something in the other room had caught her attention her eyes grew wide and she said I have to go I asked her what was wrong but she refused to tell me her odd reaction was freaking me out so I kept after her on her way out the door she finally blurted out this house is haunted but she wouldn’t tell me what it was or what made her think so To this day she still refuses to tell me what she saw About a week later my three-year-old son casually asks me who the old lady in the bathroom was One day I was leaving my house for work and I got to the car and I realize I needed to run back in the house to get something I walked into the house and as soon as I got inside this framed photo on the wall shot off the wall It didn’t fall down it shot horizontally away from the wall and it landed on a mistake table with enough force to break some of the tiles off of it I felt like whatever was in the house was pissed and that I came back in after it thought I had left for the day after living in the house for about six months I noticed a weird square cut into the boards on the deck There was, no, handle but I was able to pry it up The hole was just big enough to fit through and there was a ladder going down for some reason I went down and I found myself and what looked like a homemade basement it was basically just a room dug out of the earth with no constructed walls or stone supports or anything like that It was very dark but I could see something over in the corner it was a suspicious looking stone It looked like one of those old headstones you see in cemeteries Just then some insects started jumping on me so I got out of the basement as fast as I could and never went back now this is the part that affected me the most It’s also the reason we left the house one night I was in bed laying on my stomach just about to fall asleep and I heard someone walk into my room the footsteps came from the doorway over to my bed I didn’t realize until later that the fact that I heard the footsteps was weird because the room was carpeted When the footsteps reached my bed I felt someone put their hands on my back two hands just gently laid flat on my back and kept me there I assumed it was my son what are you doing I asked but there was no answer I looked up no one was there I got up and checked my son’s bed Roman he was in bed fast asleep we moved out soon after that and we never looked back It was the night of Christmas Eve and I decided to take a walk while the snow was coming down I love to do that during the Christmas season just to see all of the beautiful decorations and lights that lit the city which normally was quite dull and lugubrious and low-key due to the small population of the city that I lived in at that time Christmas was the time when the city came to life and I loved it as I arrived in the town it was busy due to all of the shoppers that were picking up those last-minute Christmas presents as I glided past the Christmas carolers that stood on the side of the sidewalk singing their voices beautifully echoing about here and there as children played nearby laughing and having snowball fights added more of that Christmassy filling to the jolly atmosphere it reminded me of that special child a time that I had growing up as a kid I missed that as my eyes glanced up at the icicles that hung from the leafless trees overhead I decided to cross the street to get me a cup of eggnog that was being sold at one of those stands but as soon as I started to cross the street out of nowhere came a large red speeding past coming new inches away from it me I have been found myself flat on my back then being helped up to my feet by no other than Santa Claus himself or should I say a man dressed alike him Thank You Santa I said to him he gave a little hint of a smile and nodded then he reached into his large red bag and pulled out a box that was wrapped beautifully in gold Christmas paper I thanked him and headed back home halfway home suddenly I heard bells in the sound of hooves pounding the pavement behind me when I turned around there was Santa on his sleigh with reindeer leading the way and up they went overhead and over the houses vanishing quickly into the distance I must have been a little shaken up from my fall and was hallucinating Santa Claus flying reindeer when I finally arrived home I tossed the present under the Christmas tree and headed off to bed Christmas morning had arrived and I was excited to see the contents of the gift that Santa had given me I ripped open the gift as if I were a five-year-old child again but all that was inside was a piece of paper some sort of certificate when I ran it the look of horror displayed on my face it was a death certificate that was dated the night prior and it had my name on it I dropped the bomb this is my eyes shifted toward the mirror that hung above my fireplace There was no reflection of me not even a shadow I was dead I had been struck by that truck last night and didn’t even know that I had died suddenly there was a knock at my door so I opened it there Stood the same Santa Claus that helped me up and gave me the present is this some sort of sick joke and a magic illusion I yelled and anger at him is enough finally opened as his baritone in a raspy voice told me that I had to come with him he then removed his Santa suit revealing his true identity but rim

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    So glad I could provide the story and narration for the Christmas video. Hopefully, your awesome subbies will subscribe to my scary_;animated_ ;channel as well.
    Thanks, bro! Happy New Year?

  2. Scared?
    Don't worry!
    You're safe ❤

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  4. Anyone, and I mean anyone tries doing that to my siblings?

    I apologize mom but I will be going to prison for third degree murder. Do I regret it? No. My only regret was not being able to prolong the death.

  5. "iT wAs tHe nIgHt oF cHrIsTmAs eVe"
    my fear turned to laughter and it's 11 PM here in my country
    so my laugh woke my parents up and they scolded me lol

  6. That last one tho
    It doesn’t even sound real like how can you just die with no pain and not know until the day after

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    Vehicles: ???????⛴?⛵️??????

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  9. The Christmas story at 17 minutes… Yeah, that narrator… He's really annoying!!
    Dude! Stop trying to sound overly dramatic and creepy!
    It's just bad!!!

  10. Didn’t want to explain why he was happy because he was watching something hmmmmm must’ve been Po——….kemon

  11. for the one with the old lady at the side of the road, if i saw that i would have yeeted that tire so hard at her haha

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