5 cartoon characters  that not aired in usa

5 cartoon characters that not aired in usa

welcome to five famous characters that
are not better than us like share subscribe and let’s roll with
you the three musketeers a japanese anime
series released in 1989 the storyboard in the morning dr. you will live will
leave his hometown brilliance of ghasta me to Paris to join the Kings Musketeers
or that there are to help the Cardinal as a rhino here again argument with US
Army’s and partners and prevent them and to sort of problems while fighting they
be interrupted by the garden cardio who are from forcing the Kings degree of
planning tools afterward d’Artagnan and other become
friends and baby and stop the move to offer one for the men are gonna start
the story body to try and try to rest but they said she always find your way
out so changes have been the end of the
story I was there to be able to be a woman discuss herself to join the
Masters Tournament for her for her last husband sent a bill samples Japanese in
series released in my anyone the series has been aired in a beige ax
europe and latin america kind of something was the story from your left
and scripting with her father one day she me taken discipline to was kind
Harrity at kind-hearted with human who live in large kissing outside the
village and she also meet an arrogant young lady called kitty kitty hates and
even continues – a continues to visit the Contessa
finished in the top of winning that no interests of her son’s month of son mark
Mark’s family bankrupt and you have to he has to move two and a to England to
start his work as a major artist yeah this is sending real and moving
into to start to have two other upon her dad passed away to work and Harry that’s
friends company as a journalist upon her meeting she meet marks again and we have
of any help her to find her disease mother however in the last episode see she
reunited with her mother very nice very nice you’re her mother
what have compared me to discover that her mother this is a versatile in Asia and she
feels the pressure that she’s the doctor upon their meeting and she’s the
daughter of a flashback strike her mother is here over the past that was
our service also known as during the oscar has a Japanese in series really is
in 1979 the series has been aired and broadcast
in support of our countries including Europe Asia and nothing America that’s the thing cause any problems
before and during the front aerial version there any part of the series
focus on young flighty Green across 120 however the shit focus shift another
woman called a lady oscar from the Oscars father in general george iii’s
disparate over there having a son after us six daughters inside to raise the
youngest as a man to take his place as a commander of for all cowards and
responsible for safety and more to off more internet and the royal family it’s regular one the art of fencing
horsemanship and medieval combat you know so after us with the practice your
skills with her best friend and servant under a grand daughter was the grandson
for money they spend most of their time together in and harmonic friendship and
in the at the end of the story that’s our losses than much you love Oscar torn
between class law reality to return it and her desire to go to help them
published as the revolution burrs among the oppressed lower class she also met in the story also reflect
on collecting personality personality to live her life as a militant and the
emotional life as a regular woman as well as a relationship with accident
with Kodak civil person and underdog treasure island the Japanese in series or used in 1978 the show aired in Europe
Asia and South America my story is about local person nobleman
named trailer here in some way as the island by the president over us would be
good to the island that particular you already do that to your server with the
main interest is that sequence Green leader of the band has been said was its
sequel reading this whole the story revolves around Jim and Jim Hawkins is
educated as energetic 15 years old . with a pet the part company table hey Drake a lawyer said earlier they
were best friends at first but for you to need a few other positive Johnson her
as a friend or partner as the series progresses he found himself alone ship’s
captain and seven other members fight for their lives hiding invention and
shelter out the hell with treasure map and fluid supply and religion shoot at
the Japanese a new series of these seem likely like before the storm overall the boy named Russia each other
we just started high school to play association football and Japan high
school tradition at first she was graced and protest against him but people who
was the captain of this team – I’ve got two she is true strength lies
in his left leg of the right that’s those people to separate him training with separately apart from his
teammates after Regis training to order to honor tend to use his left leg to
shoot which is currently has an immense historical ethnic that later was called
America left he became the stripe of the security he also has a question please tell me
who is the teacher but they always end up arguing and you can’t seem to bring
himself to tell her that disorder record the end of the series coupe it’s Ellen
their place this is the final much leaving – 44 22
sheet to bring the world present

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