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  1. Watch our newest film GAIA in stunning 4K HDR10+ a first on YouTube. Gaia took 3 years to film and we went to 15 locations around the world. Link

  2. I am a worldly person I do believe our planet is massive and there is so many worlds on this planet I'm a person that just don't look what's right in front of me I always think of other places what's going on I give thanks for the Internet I've been to the bottom of the ocean I've been all around the world I have even been in outer space and never left my home. This movie here I'm watching bio sphere continuum so far on 14 minutes and 39 seconds into the movie Jennifer Gale did you guys really get to see all those stars in the Milky Way were you really there did you guys take those pictures I would like to go there with you guys next to your work is phenomenal thank you seen other cultures the way people cultivate their lives I love it good work keep it up looking towards seeing your next project I'm speaking to you from Michigan U.S.A

  3. Amazing how some of us never travel outside our cities ever. The world is so beautiful. Thank you for your videos.

  4. The footage you have gathered is epic, and the music is sufficiently matching and satisfying. As a filmmaker myself, I know how much work editing and (re-re-re-re-directing) is, but your film could do with 500 hours more of both. I would go there. You're on to something good here. My project is online at, and it took over 4000hours over a 5 year period.

  5. Hey look at video time 5:42 and tell me what you think is making a strange shape with lights in the middle in the sky. Just above the shot of earth from space around 11 oclock just before a ship clip ???????

  6. Conceito indhu do mundo que ô 🌎 estava ascentado no dorso de elefante que se ergui sobre sete pilares que estava ascentado no dorso de um tartaruga da lama à qual avia lama. Ate ô ifinito.

  7. Great documentary filming this us happening all over the world is at it's end we all must
    repent to our Heavenly Creator God Amen my prayers are with us all.

  8. Every thing is beautiful in it's way,sometimes we forget how blessed humanity is when calm and at peace with it's Self.

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