3D Facial Animation in the blink of an eye – Polywink

3D Facial Animation in the blink of an eye – Polywink

Polywink is an online platform
for facial animation dedicated to save your time and budget
by automatically generating blendshapes and rigs Our goal is to make 3D animation
more accessible than ever Anyone can upload a model on Polywink
and get it back ready for animation Blendshapes on Demand creates a complete set
of blendshapes perfectly adapted to any model Rig on Demand is a flexible and fully
automatic rigging solution for Maya Animation for iPhone X animates your
characters with the iPhone X face tracking Blendshapes on demand automatically generates
more than 151 blendshapes for any model Perfectly adapated to its morphology
and topology The result is an FBX file which can be used
in almost any 3D software or game engines like Maya,
3DS Max, Unity or Unreal. Rig on Demand is an automatic
rigging algorythm It generates a full facial rig for Maya
based on more than 200 blendshapes for the finest level of detail and quality Your character is delivered
within 24h, ready for animation! Animation for iPhone X is a new service aimed
at enabling new, faster and cheaper workflows. Working with ARKit specific Blendshapes
and face tracking features Animation for iPhone X is an
easy and accessible service to quickly animate your characters
and create your own animojis How can I use polywink? Select the license and purchase a service
directly on our website You can then upload your model after
the checkout page or in your personnal account where you can later download the result And if you want to try it out first
Download one of our samples! Upload your models now and save weeks of work
with Polywink 3D animation in the blink of an eye!

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  1. WOW! THIS IS AMAZING! I MAY CONSIDER USING THIS FOR MY NON-PROFIT SONIC FANFILM! I would love to help in spreading awareness of this program through using it too for you guys as well! 😀 this is SO AMAZING!! Awesome work you guys!!!!!!!??

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