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  1. I Like the animatiıon and the flow of scene that follow subsequently. But I wish you could make it in English. I could not understand the story

  2. Thank you! I wanted to make it in English, but since it was for school it would be a little weird… hehehe There are subtitles on this video, but it's not the same as listening to the narration…

  3. Yes I have:-) I do not go any animation school. They are not sufficient here to compete around the world. I am making those by my self by learning from online videos and tutorials. What do you think about them?

  4. I've never gone to an animation school neither. Those schools are just starting here in Brazil as well, so the best way to go is online. Try Digital Tutors. I love it! It's great, got tons of training and is relatively cheap. Though I think I might do a course here, to get started with more software and have a more solid idea of the industry pipelines and stuff. 😉

  5. Yes you might be right. But I am sure at schools they teach very important point of views. I am already trying to study on online tutorials. Good luck to you and to me:-) Where are you planing to find work?in US?

  6. Well, I'm 15 so I try not to worry too much about work yet. hehehe But yes, the ultimate goal is to work in the US. 🙂
    And yes, good luck to us! In this industry you definitely need it. 😉

  7. Yes good luck for both of us!! No ıwatched it on aCD. I do not have the link. ITs name may be different. You can search it as including birds a cat. birds want to escape from a rich and cruel man's building.

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