3 POWERFUL Select Functions In Illustrator – Do You Know All 3??

3 POWERFUL Select Functions In Illustrator – Do You Know All 3??

in today’s graphic design tutorial I’m
gonna show you three different key ways you can select and navigate around a
design in a debilitate so to demonstrate the first function in Adobe Illustrator
I’ve got an arrangement of different squares on the screen right here I think
I see some have strokes some are different colors and even some have
different epatha tees this one has 50% so when you’re working on complex
designs with lots of different elements on the actual design itself
you might want to select a specific group of objects and the first method
we’re going to look at is the magic wand tool here which if you double click
brings up the magic wand menu and as you can see we have five different options
for selecting parts of our design the key thing about the magic wand tool is
that it has a tolerance slider now if I pull up the tolerance really really high
it’s gonna select all of my objects even though it’s not the same full color when
using the magic wand tool I advised how to use a low tolerance because this
really narrows down the selection that you want to be grabbing on your graphic
designs using the opacity option with a low tolerance it does find the two
shapes which have a 50% opacity but yeah again if I raise up the tolerance is
going to be less precise in its selection so do keep in mind the
tolerance when using the magic wand tool that was just the first of three
different functions for selecting objects in your graphic designs so let’s
head on to the second one right now this is something that not many people
actually know about or they actually use for their graphic design workflow and
that is if you go to select object and you have some different options here
open to you I’ve got nothing selected at the moment so the grayed out areas are
only available when I’ve got a design asset selected plus you can see I can
select any clipping mask on my design which can be really really useful in
certain situations if you’re using lots of clipping masks and you want to select
all of them at once another really cool aspect here is a
straight points option which as you can see I’ve gotten extra points but if I
quickly take the pencil and just make a point here this is something that easily
happens through our workflow we have straight points that are our work that
we didn’t want so this option will find those track them down and you can remove
them and then another really awesome selection option is to select all text
objects which is really handy when you’ve got lots of text over lots of
design assets and shapes and then go back into the same option you’ve got
point type objects which is this kind of text that we’ve just been using but the
last option is area text and it might not be familiar with area text and what
actually is but area type objects are shapes that have text within them and to
actually create one you need to make a shape first then you need to hold down a
click on the type tool you need to actually click the anchor points because
if you just click anywhere else in the shape it’s not going to work so you need
to click the anchor point once you’ve actually made your area type selection
of course you can press command or control T for the character window and
then adjust your type from there but now I’ve got an area type I can
demonstrate how the function actually works and finds it on my canvas and so like I said before if you have a
something selected the other grayed out options are now available even to you
among was the second selection function in the illustrator which is under select
an object the third and the final option for selecting things is probably one of
the most popular ones and it’s one of the most useful and that is again and
it’s her legs but then same sue for example had this blue circle here if I
come up to select same and then I click appearance the illustrators gonna match
up what it thinks is a similar appearance to their original circle this
isn’t that precise but it can come in handy but one option that is really
useful and it’s really handy is just fill color but also shape as well you
can select any design element of the same shape across your entire design and
also this stroke weight is critical options and I do use the select same
function quite often my graphic design process because it is really useful
especially on complex intricate and very busy designs so there were three functions in an
illustrator where you can select and maneuver around your designs with ease
do you use all three of these functions or did you learn something in today’s
graphic design tutorial do let me know down below in the comment because I do
make sure to read all you guys’s comments and I try to reply to as many
as possible if you want to help out the channel too simply like the video and
share on social media and of course until next time guys design your future
today peace

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  1. Welcome back, I have a lot of ideas for future content including videos on dealing with clients, as well as other graphic design theory based content. And of course as you know, there will always be Illustrator content here at Satori Graphics. Happy Monday people!

  2. Sir Tom, I actually learn something new about the magic wand tool. I will definitely use this a bit more. Thanks for sharing. As always have a great day.

  3. HII HII HII, Its been long but after seeing this video i was like SH*T ??❤❤❤ YOU ARE A BLESSING STAY BLESSED AND KEEP US BLESSING ❤❤
    it was all new for me p.s pray for my finals ???

  4. And yes Tom i have a request is it possible to have neon effect (a good one) on any text or line illustration, if yes then can we have a tutorial how to do it ??

  5. Very Informative video!
    I want to ask a question.
    How can I find Pantone in illustrator by their specific code? For instance: I was asked to use "PANTONE 12-0660 TSX Lemon Fizz" in a project. Unfortunately, I wasn't cleared about what Pantone is and how to find this illustrator. I found the alternative Pantone to this and the job was somehow approved. But I'm curious to find out this solution.
    Also, Very confused about how many Pantone actual are. What difference in Pantone+CMYK/Metalic/Solid in Coated and Uncoated etc in adobe illustrator.

    Really appreciated it if you can have time to make a video on it. Explaining to people like me all concept of Pantone.
    Thank You.

  6. I use the same function more than the others. I dont really use the magic wand tool all like that but it does seem very useful for more busy designs.

  7. Hello i am your regular viewers.. I enjoy your tutorials. Please describe my problem..when I create custom brush and want to use that custom brush using line segment tool why I can't do that?

  8. Wow.. all tools you taught in todays tutorial are new to me.. i didn't know about the magic wand tool and used to wonder why its there…
    Also, select and object have so many useful tools which i never used earlier..
    Thank you for sharing the usage of all the important tools..

  9. Dude thank you. You have single handedly thought me so much than any other channel or school when it comes to using these programs. I went from sub par to feeling confident in what I do. Thank you so much for what you do! Much love

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