today I have three more awesome
Illustrator text effects were you guys a tryout for yourself what is up people welcome back to satori
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turn on these notifications let’s jump right into these three illustrator text
effects in today’s tutorial design tutorial for this first text effect in
Illustrator you want to use a sans serif font I’m using go bold lo+ which you can
find online if you want to use it as well also lower the coning so the
lettering is closer together to turn the tanks into an actual vector
shape create the outlines like so from here grab the pen tool or make triangle
shapes that are going to add like shards of shattered glass for our text effect I would just show you the technique on
two triangles once Chevy triangles select each one
individually and then go to objects path and divide objects below do this for all of your triangles one by
one once you’ve done that select everything and then go to object and
ungroup you can then use a selection tool and hold down shift to select more
pieces of a shard at once and change the positioning giving the illusion of
shatter glass for this illustrator text effect I personally love this vector
text effect and I think it looks pretty cool this second also illustrator tacks of
faith requires a very thick font I’m using impact to show you guys is tiny
expand the appearance of the text like so another gradient fill change the
direction so it’s darker the very top and then use CMYK color mode we want
values of 100 zero zero and zero the other side of the gradient should be
white then under the effect section illustrator locate the halftone option every single value should be zero apart
from the first one which you might have to play around with until you get a
right we then need to expand the appearance and then open up the image
trace window as we need to turn the text effect into an actual vector path
because right now is not one play around with the threshold and keep black and
white selected at the very bottom check the ignore white option once you happy go to object image trace
and expand now your design is a vector and you can add color and edit it as you
see fit the last illustrator text effect is
going to involve layering vectors over a text add some texture the font I’m using
is called as we’ve done before in today tutorial
create the outlines of your text and then open up a Finder window we need to make sure all of our text is
the same base object so use the unite function in the path line there we now
need to open up the transparency window for the next part of this text effect
Hennig widget X selected in the transparency window choose make mask
uncheck the clip option and then highlight the right-hand side window in
the description below or have a link to these vectors here that you’re seeing
now we need to ungroup everything twice to locate a specific shape once you’ve
done that press command or ctrl C to copy it and then head back to your text
and hit command or ctrl V to paste it in the mask window it may take a while to
load because there are multiple shapes and effects on this vector once you’re happy simply click the left
hand side box in transparency window and then change the color of the text editor so did you find these three also many
illustrator text effects useful let me know in the description below and
subscribe for for weekly graphics and uploads if you haven’t done already have
yourself a great weekend when Friday does spin around and until next time
design your future today peace

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  2. tom cool video,
    i also loved one where text look something like peeled off. i think i saw it on design tutsplus.

  3. I love the tut.

    Speaking of the use of mask. I've spent hours today, trying to figure out how to change the color of a vectorized object (a skull) into chrome from one of my graphic style pre selects. Unfortunately it just keeps covering the entire object ( eyes, mouth) into chrome rather than creating a mask-like effect. Tried using a mask to turn it white first, but that completely covered it also. I gave up.

    One more thing. I'm having difficulty understanding the purpose of the EXPAND and EXPAND APPEARANCE tools. Why and When are they supposed to be used. IF you already covered it in a previous video. Which one? If not. Maybe you could create a tut if your not too busy.

    btw, I love the music. It totally works. In fact, I had to have it for my own collection. Luv…Luv…Luv it!!!

  4. Yes very useful thanks. Really like last one. Is expanding and outlining text the same, do both turn the text into a shape?

  5. Where is the tutorial in which you add a white border over a splash of paint? that looked so clean and I wanted to make it and now it's down? wtf man. please anser or I'll consider unsubbing, if a sub knows that counts too <3 I love you man but please dont upload and then take them down..

  6. Thank you! Your videos are very informative. I'm new at Illustrator and teaching myself. Watching these videos helps a great deal!

  7. divide object below is so helpful! i have been using divide for so long which is annoying in some cases because it will get rid of other object information.

  8. I am learning everyday just by watching your videos. It's comprehensive and simple to undertand. However, I have a question: what's the difference between expanding the text and create outlines on the text? Thanks in advance! ???

  9. just use line tool for glass effect. so much more easier
    1. divide using line tool
    2. select all and select using shape builder tool
    3. delete those lines
    4. maneuver/move those lines

  10. 3rd effect was awesome. i will must use the effect in my designs. thank you for your great videos. those are really helpful. thanks again.

  11. Very awesome. Yesterday I went thru some of your more recent tutorials to break thru some creative block and I learnt so much plus the creative part of my workflow was sparked again. Thank you 🙂

  12. This really helped me a lot. And its so simple. I used it on 3D text. I had to Expand Appearances first and it would only separate 2D parts so I guess I'd have Bevel and Extrude those bits to get true 3D look…thank you very much for this. Isn't the internet wonderful. Kind of sad how much of our lives are attached to it.

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