10 Movies Mistakes That Animators Made Without Getting Caught

10 Movies Mistakes That Animators Made Without Getting Caught

The amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into perfecting animated films is in a class of its own Every tiny detail from Movement to background objects has to be rendered and programmed to add naturally and to stay consistent Throughout the length of the picture “Is that right?” It’s no wonder that most of these films have received high praise from critics and Award shows alike and have earned fond memories from Children and adults alike “Ahhhh, Pah Poy!” That’s why when a mistake makes its way into the final product, fans may never be able to look at that scene again without seeing the mistake. Here are 10 obvious mistakes we never noticed in our favorite animated movies. Are you a fan of movies and TV, And want to stay up to date with our content? Give us a like and hit the subscribe button to stay current with all things Screen Rant. Also, do you like mobile games as much as we do? “Umm. I think so..” Boy, have we got some good news for you then. Stay tuned for some awesome info about an awesome game called War Robots. And before we start, can you guess this movie from these emojis? Stay tuned for the answer at the end of our video. “You kind of set off an eternal winter everywhere.” “Everywhere?” ” It’s okay. You can just unfreeze it.” Frozen: Let It Go, am I right people? Well, that may be what the animators did with this once-you-see-it mistake. In the mega-hit film from Disney, Elsa runs away from home to the Snowy Mountains and bursts into the song “Let It Go” as she changes into her ice-queen form for the rest of the movie. During the number however, Elsa lets her hair down in a fashion that straight up defies physics as her hair braid passes directly through her arm. We knew Elsa has some crazy powers, but we didn’t know she could influence matter. That is seriously impressive. “Oh, no! We’re crying at school!” Inside out: you’re probably more familiar with the case of Riley’s mother and the teleporting glasses But there’s another animation mistake in the oscar-winning picture by Pixar that you may not have noticed. “Are you kidding me? Out of the gate? This is not happening!” When sadness accidentally causes Riley to cry in class, fans may have noticed that something else was amiss. On her desk, Riley has a couple of notebooks which somehow end up shuffling around on their own Throughout the scene. Ironically the color of one of her notebooks is blue which fits nicely with the theme of Sadness. The Road to Eldorado: After being stuck at sea, the con artists Tulio and Miguel are finally spared when they spy land in the distance. Overjoyed that they’re not going to die in their tiny boat and the company of their horse, the two men begin praising the sand, even going as far as kissing it. It’s quickly revealed that there are skulls littering the beach that they landed on. Yet, in a wide shot that was shown moments before the reveal of skeletons, there was no indication that there was anything at all on the beach. What’s your point? Dramatic reveal is one thing, but teleporting Skeleton heads would be enough to put most people back on the boat Kubo and the Two Strings: a contender at the 2017 Academy Awards, Kubo and the Two Strings dazzled audiences and critics alike with its complex story and characters. But animation is very much a tricky endeavor. Especially when it comes to digital Stop-Motion animation in one instance in the film, Kubo is told to follow the setting sun in order to find the fabled helmet He needs recover. There’s only one problem: Kubo ends up walking towards the rising sun. The orientation of the shadows and the sun indicates that the animators may have had a momentary lapse in orientation But thankfully it didn’t stop Kubo from completing his quest. Pocahontas Sometimes, animations end up doing the strangest things quite often breaking the rules of logic and physics That’s exactly what happens in Disney’s Pocahontas. In the film, Pocahontas and her friend Nakoma, can be seen approaching the tent holding each other’s hands, yet under the moonlight a different Tale is being told as the two friends shadows are not holding hands. Is this the real story we’re supposed to be looking at? “Please, don’t say anything.” Tiny details like this may not seem obvious during the animation process, but once it’s out there, the tiniest details always seem So large, don’t they? Finding Nemo Marlin thankfully found Nemo in the film, but did you find this animation mistake towards the film’s Climax? Nemo finally gets into the dentist office with the help of the pelican nigel However the dentist is not exactly happy to find a large bird in his place of work Quickly trucking nigel out yet on the wall near the window of poster magically disappears and reappears between shots your attention may be focused on the bird and the action but one glance to the right and it becomes impossible not to see the poster between shots “you should expect an increase in body hair especially on your face, chest, armpit And…” ” Thank you thats enough.” Big Hero 6, one of the most memorable things from Big Hero 6 is the character Baymax “hairy, baby” But there may be another memorable moment stashed away in your memory Banks that we’re about to drag back into the light. In the film Hero is confronted by professor callaghan pretty early on Who asks the feature Road adventure “may I?” “Sure.” yet between shots professor callaghan shirts somehow goes from blue to red and then back the blue It’s a quick moment, but as soon as you see it. You can’t unsee it *Lions growl* The Lion King. The Lion King broke all of our hearts when it came out in 1993 and has continued to do so over the decades, but in an era before digital animation the animators had to painstakingly Animate by hand it’s amazing that the attention to detail is at the level that it is but of course mistakes can still happen In the film the Hyena Shenzi ends up being slashed in the face by simple leaving deep triple lines cuts across her face Yet moments later in the movie her wounds are completely gone and not even a scar has been left behind “What did you say ?” “Nothing.” “I got him! I got him!” Despicable me. In the opening scene of the movie Despicable me a young boy can be seen running past a barricade with a toy plane in his left hand the Stubborn boy proceeds to then fall off of a wooden piece of scaffolding And into the fake pyramid which Springs the boy back up to safety However during this strange turn of events the boy somehow had time to put the plane into his right hand despite being extremely squished inside that fake pyramid Monsters Inc. Now what could possibly be scarier than monsters in the closet and under your bed? *Screams and yells* Well forgetting where you stashed your evidence due to an animation mistake of course in the film the child known as boo makes her way into the Monster World Which uterly Terrified sully in his fit of fear He tries to flush boos belongings down the toilet after they stuck to the giant blue monster The toilet begins to back up and sully decides to stash the evidence in Locker 193, but during the next shot It seems sully actually put everything in locker 190. Dammit sully, pay attention This is how problems are made. “Well isn’t that nice?” So there you have it folks. Did you notice these mistakes before? Does knowing them ruin your enjoyment of certain scenes now? Whatever you may think comment below and tell us your favorite animation mistake *giggles* Now, do you like mobile gaming? 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  1. Puss in boots i guessed at 1:10 of the video i am right cuz tere is no other movie with those exact emoji similarities

  2. puss in boots did i get it when i seen it cat in the hat poped in my head idk why haha. like if that happend to u

  3. Did anybody now that Finding Nemo has been Film in 2003 so it's very very old. And today kids are still watching it ???? imma Smart Kid you now ???

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