10 Disturbing Conspiracies About Kids Cartoons

10 Disturbing Conspiracies About Kids Cartoons

Today we’ll take a look at some of the
strange and even disturbing theories that some people with far too much time
on their hands have created about beloved children’s cartoons hold on to
your tinfoil hats and Xanax folks it’s going to be a greasy ride number ten
Scooby Doo is a Soviet experiment this one’s an interesting one to begin
with because it’s kind of like how Hideo Kojima makes these games he takes an
actual historical events and then rewrites what they actually meant to
fuel his own games storylines let me explain scooby doo was released in 1969
only two months after the moon landing years after the cartoon had premiered
the Soviet space agency had launched both Sputnik one which was the first
artificial satellite and Vostok 1 which was the first manned space flight with
Yuri Gagarin as the first man in space. The Russians don’t just have a history
with men in space though they also have a history with dogs in space. The dogs
Belka and Strelka of were similarly sent to space as living test subjects on the
Sputnik 5 in 1960 and they became the first Earth were creatures ever to fly
into space and return alive. So what this theory is saying is that the Soviets
looked into experimental breeding programs that could have produced super
dogs with greatly enhanced intelligence It sounds nuts because it’s stupid but
super intelligent animals would have been a great asset to the Soviet space
agency considering their average astronaut was no smarter than a potato.
So the theory kind of deviates and either the Soviets bred Scooby Doo for
super secret super intelligent training considering Scooby Doo can talk or
Scooby Doo was affected by cosmic radiation when he was sent into space.
But how did scooby doo get from Russia to America? You’re wondering probably not.
It’s theorized that the gang found Scooby when they were investigating one
of their spooky mansions perhaps lived in by an ex Russian
scientist who had escaped to America and still proceeded with his mad science
experiments. In case you’re still not convinced because I’m not scooby-doo is
technically of German descent Great Danes are actually a German breed which
is the breed of dog that scooby-doo is and the Germans were responsible for
most of the rocket technology that the Soviets then stolen used in their own
space agency. Yeah a lot of these are going to be really really long grasps
folks so suspend your disbelief number 9 ash is in a coma I heard this one
when I was a kid so I really don’t think it’s valid a lot of people like to
explain TV shows like this with oh the character died at the beginning or they
were in a coma or it’s a so-and-so or whatnot and this is one of the most
famous iterations of these theories in the very first episode of Pokemon ash
gets hit by lightning now that’s kind of a reason for people to suspect that he
would be in a coma and the rest of the show is just him living out his fantasy
of being a Pokemon master that he never really got to. There’s a couple of things
that lend themselves towards this theory One Ash never ages – Team Rocket becomes
much less of a threat and actually helps them out throughout the rest of the show
and it also explains how nothing ever changes I mean not just his age nothing
the government politics his parents the events sometimes there are
earth-shattering events that take place like the unknown event the Mewtwo event
and nothing ever changes the idea that as you spin in a coma is not a new one
and there isn’t a whole lot to back it up other than the theories themselves
ultimately I think it’s just a show about a bunch of weird kids with a bunch
of weird little monsters that’s just now it needs to be the far more entertaining
theory I’ve seen thrown around is that Pokemon fights are essentially like
illegal dog breeding and that there was a huge war before Ash was born and
that’s why Pokemon battles are so commonplace is because they were used to
fight in the war and this is kind of the fallout after that event imagine if
instead of guns we use dogs to fight and the better dog you had won the war it
kind of makes sense number eight winnie-the-pooh characters are signs of
mental illness this one actually holds a decent amount
of credence each winnie-the-pooh character represents a different mental
disorder we do the poo has an eating disorder and also probably ADHD which is
where it breaks down for me because if one has two of them it breaks the
formula but whatever piglet has generalized anxiety disorder
owl has dyslexia and short-term memory loss even though he’s very intelligent
Tigger suffers from ADHD I think Kluge’s has an eating disorder and Tigger has the
ADHD kanga has social anxiety disorder Roo has autism
rabbit has obsessive-compulsive disorder he or is obviously depressed and
Christopher Robin has schizophrenia because all he does all day is wander
through the woods and imagine a bunch of animals because none of these animals
actually exists Christopher Robin is just imagining them because he has no
friends and is kind of crazy to be fair though
schizophrenia doesn’t usually manifest itself in children it takes place later
in life so I don’t know how much this theory holds water. Number seven
spongebob is a post-nuclear mutant off Bikini Atoll it’s no secret that Bikini
Bottom is probably some variant of the Bikini Atoll and considering that tons
of nukes were tested off of Bikini Atoll there’s some credit to the theory that
spongebob and his friends are mutated fish tards that have been brought about
by unrelenting nuclear testing but there’s a ton of spongebob theories
actually there’s the seven deadly sins theory where sandy is pride greed as mr.
Krabs pearl is lust and so on and so forth but that was basically debunked by
Tom Kenny himself in an interview so scratch that one there’s also the theory
that all of the characters are addicted to a different drug SpongeBob’s on
shrooms mr. Krabs mrs. puffer on medical cocaine but this one’s just kind of
stupid because no TV executive would allow anyone to pitch a show like that
not not on a kids network but the nuclear testing theory is quite
interesting because a lot of the nuclear radiation from the Bikini Atoll would
have rested right below and so Bikini Bottom could be a bunch of mutated fish
in the area around the Bikini Atoll number six
Timmy’s fairies are antidepressant meds this one has really no evidence behind
it but it kind of makes sense from a medical standpoint I suppose there’s a
theory that Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents are actually Timmy’s
antidepressants helping him cope and make his problems a little less
exaggerated there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that Timmy might need
antidepressants considering he seems to have a ton of anxiety and stress there’s
also an episode where Timmy uses a handheld aging machine to see if his
Fairly OddParents will be with him into his 20s and they are from what I
remember about the show eventually the fairly oddparents are supposed to leave
Timmy when he doesn’t believe in them anymore or doesn’t need them anymore but
if Timmy needs his antidepressants for the rest of his life then they’ll never
really leave, will they? Number five the Rugrats takes place in Angelica’s head
all right this one is on the creepypasta wiki so take it with a grain of salt it
means absolutely nothing but I’ve heard this one before too when I was a kid the
Rugrats are really just a figment of Angelica’s imagination Chuckie died in
1986 along with his mother which is why Chad’s is a nervous wreck all at the
time tommy was born in 1988
but he was stillborn which is why Stu is constantly in the basement making toys
for the son who never had a chance to live the DeVilles had an abortion in
1990 and Angelica couldn’t figure out whether it be a boy or a girl thus
creating the twins and yeah that’s I mean that’s the equivalent of the theory
it’s an interesting with a toy around with it’s probably way too dark for any
TV show to run there’s not a whole lot to it beyond that I think that’s a
little bit much to say that a six-year-old girl would be able to
imagine all of that in her head but whatever psychosis number four Aladdin
is set in the distant future I’m sure you’ve heard this one before so I’ll try
to keep it brief but basically there’s a theory out there that says that Aladdin
is not sent far in the past it’s set in a distant post-apocalyptic future it’s
another one of the favorites if you read into Fantasia things post-apocalyptic
futures come up a lot but this one has a little bit of credence to it because of
Genie. Genie is ageless he can live forever
Genie makes a reference that he’s been in his lamp for 10,000 years but all of
the references he has what he would consider pop-culture references are to
people who are alive in our time meaning that all of Eugenie’s pop-culture
references are from right now add 10,000 years on to that and you get roughly
12,000 ad which is when Aladdin is a possibly set magical devices are simply
technological devices that the natives don’t understand because the apocalypse
is wiped out most of the earth which is why it’s such a desert the Cave of
Wonders is a repository for all of these old scientific artifacts that people
don’t quite understand it also explains why Iago can talk although there does
seem to be magic in Allen’s universe so that could kind of just explain away
everything – number three ed ed and Eddy are incorrectly remembering their
childhoods this one has a lot of credence to it considering it’s actually
an episode of the series but yeah there’s a huge theory that ed ed and
Eddy are just remembering their childhood incorrectly and that’s how the
show came about the show revolves around them trying to remember all of these
exploits they did when they were kids that seemed incredibly unrealistic and
have extraneous exaggerated details but ultimately could have kind of happened
this theory is basically given complete precedents because in one of the
episodes the EDS are remembering their past experiences and they are completely
ridiculous it also turns out that most of their experiences didn’t happen in
the first place which gives kind of a dark tone to the entire
show as we know it that there’s just a bunch of senile old men remembering
lives long-lost number two The Flintstones are sent in the
post-apocalyptic future here’s that post-apocalyptic crap again
the reason that this is so confusing it’s not because they’re in the same
time period but Elroy from the Jetsons takes a time machine to the Future to
meet the Flintstones now the noise was actually sent to take him to the Past
but people speculate that the malfunction didn’t actually happen and
instead of sending them to the Past it actually did send into the future
there’s already a theory out there that the Jetsons live in the sky to escape
the horrible irradiated surface down below what if the wasteland was a
nuclear apocalypse and orbit City was only a temporary home away from home all
the earth recovered apparently Chris Hardwick has also explained this theory
before one of the most enduring charms of the Flintstones is that animals are
the technology you’ve got birds that play records garbage disposals that are
elephants and this kind of lines up with our theory now the Flintstones was a
take on the honeymooners which is kind of the joke there if you sync it up with
the post apocalyptic theory this could be people using these now super
irradiated intelligent animals to replicate the technology they had in the
past interesting yes intelligent no number-one Charlie Brown is dying of
cancer this one’s depressing and there’s not a
whole lot to back it up but it kind of makes sense Charlie Brown is generally
depressed he has no hair adults voices don’t mean anything to him because he’s
just tuning them out because he’s waiting to die because he has cancer
that’s really as far as that one goes nice and happy well guys I hope you
enjoyed the video if you did enjoy the video please give us a like down below
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disturbing cartoon Theory? I hope you guys are having a great day bye bye

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  1. If you were in a comma like dream you would probably dream about being in the tournament but how would you lose ever time unless your dream is to lose every tournament match you ever get in and how would he know about megas if he had never saw one you could say that he just got confused but how would he know about all of this stuff

  2. Scooby was found in a park with other dogs that people was giving away and Shaggy so some dogs and his stupid butt pick Scooby but I'm kinda glad

  3. The Spongebob theory is even more plausible considering that it was originally pitched to MTV as an adult animated show, and only re-branded as a kids' show when pitched to Nickelodeon. The dark premise would have actually worked for an adult animated series.

  4. looks at thumbnail Beast Boy is reading hot r***!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nah Ash isn't in a coma, he's like peter pan: sold his soul to live in an eternal dreamland after pikachu accidentally killed him in episode 1. This explains how he never reached puberty, can make up rules mid battle, and is destined to never achieve his goal ala repeatedly losing the "championships".

    As for Fairly Odd parents… well shit it kinda works, timmy once wished he was older and lost his fairies and had to "become a child again" (emotionally?) in order to undo the wish; still a stretch but kinda adds to the credibility of the theory.

  6. Video: Roo has Autism
    Video: obnoxious laughter
    Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KN3Q6t2598
    Also me: Don't take this comment too seriously if you actually click the link

  7. 4:43
    If thats how he actually looks, then you can understand why squidward hates him

    He is basically a bikini bottom junkie, and one that doesnt give a fuck

  8. The spongebob theory actually look in the background and sometimes the background is yellow or some other color which supports the theory a little bit more

  9. There is also a scene in Aladdin where the genie points out that Aladdin's clothes are 'so third century.' this means that the genie was alive and out of the lamp in the third century, which means the film takes place at least 10,300 years in the future.

  10. i heard Winnie the poo characters were different drug addicts Poo;weed Tigger;cocaine Piglet; pills Rabbit; meth the Owl; hallucinogens Eor: herowin

  11. «Scooby doo was released in 1969 […]. Years after the cartoon had premiered, the Soviet space agency had launched both Sputnik 1 […] and Vostok 1 […].»

    Sputnik 1 was actually launched on October 4, 1957.
    Vostok 1 was actually launched on April 12, 1961.

  12. Maybe Scooby-Doo is a super-natural creature and he and the gang is solving all of these mysteries to find more super-natural creatures like Scooby.

  13. There's another theory tied in with Ed, Edd n Eddy. It mostly revolves around the the children in the cul-de-sac. It's said that many of the children had to have died in some point before, during, and after the creation of the cul-de-sac, resulting the children being in a state of purgatory.


  15. I am autistic, why did you laugh after you suggested that Roo had autism? I am not offended, i will still watch your videos, i just want to know why you laughed at it, is all.

  16. The Scooby Gang had some Dooby (ie) weed which is why Scooby and Norville (Shaggy) Rogers were always in the Kitchen looking for Food, Side Note When Casey Kasem Died Mathew Lillard the Live Action Shaggy, Voiced the Character.

  17. "…their astronauts were no smarter than a potato"?? Who writes this shite? Who are you to bad-mouth anyone who put their life on the line to try to further human understanding, no matter how "worthy" you may consider the attempt? What did you do today, other than sit on your ever-widening ass?

  18. Schizophrenia can actually develop in children. There are a lot of documentaries about children with schizophrenia.

  19. There would be no reason for the people of the future in the flint stone theory to use the animals for tools. They already had the futuristic tools which would make the animals, no matter how amazing they are, obsolete

  20. It was in a fucking movie… Scooby was in a cage and up for adoption, and he performs to try and get adopted. He succeeded and fell out of the back of a truck and ended up running into shaggy. Look it up.

  21. These are retarded. Talking animals?? Whoa so strange, no cartoons are not real, thats why animals can talk MINDBLOWN. Idiots just watch the damn show

  22. #10, maybe, at least Shaggy got paid well enough to start a dectieve agency and got a cool 60's Volkswagin van. #9, it could be., #8, Sad, for "Winnie, The Pooh"., #7, Probably true, off of flordia too. #6, It could be. #5, Dubious., #4, The Genie, is post – apocalyptic ., #3, Probably., #2, True., #1, What? Or he could be waiting to prove himself to his community.

  23. Actually number 7 has been disproved by the creator directly. Bikini bottom was actually named after bikino atoll, but is nowhere near it as bikini bottom is set somewhere in america.

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