05  More Than Twenty, the story of Rototom in 8 episodes

05 More Than Twenty, the story of Rototom in 8 episodes

Rototom is my life, my family This was an opportunity to work together on a project The ones from Gorizia in Rototom were Filippo, Sabrina, Giuseppe and me We lived right beside the headquarters
of the Carabinieri During the communist period, it wasn’t easy
to cross the border between Gorizia and Slovenia It was a quiet town, scarcely populated,
that’s why we all knew each other That’s where we had our first moments…marvellous! Filippo had a bar where we’re going now,
it’s called BaobabYou’re still alive?
I saw you in the photos and I thought, look how old he is!
A fundamental law in business says
never to mix friendship and work because if you consider work as a business that must make quick decisions it’s better to have a series of little soldiers
that follow orders without question Our experience as Rototom
is exactly the opposite, it’s friendship and work if you want and expect the complete implication
of your collaborators friendship helps a lot I started to work here in 85′ or 86′,
it was a pub then it became a popuar place
for lots of young people from Gorizia and other places I was a baker and Filippo had the bar
that put on concerts in Gorizia we met when I was putting on a show in a bar he saw me and asked himself: who is this crazy looking guy? we met a little after that,
although his mother had been my teacher Giuseppe lived on the top floor of this house in Gorizia That, was Filippo’s house. We met in school, we were in the same class and so began a friendship
that we have maintained till todayThese are the symbols causing the scandalLook, the dressing room!I realise that our participation
in a programme like “Tiempos Modernos” was like investing in advertising
for our activitiesCome on, Filippo, say that we’ll be the best of the night!Lets say that, like in all families there have been good and bad times because, beyond how each person sees Rototom we aren’t and organisation or a society
just 5 or 6 people that started out together with an idea and we went hungry,
more often than we had moments of glory. There was no comforts the toilets didn’t work and I had to
go outside to do the necessary I said that it was worse than Sparta
and from then on it was called Villa SpartaI would like to present you with an experiment in the area of the familyit is perhaps the last communebut we have found it, it’s the Villa Sparta communeThey call themselves Villa Sparta,
they’re six boys and two girls
they have been living together for eight yearsIt’s still a family, they still care for me we are very close, the differences
between men and women disappearTo start with, I wanted to show the video
that we recorded in your house
to try and understand how this commune worksWe’re all like each other’s motherMutual toleranceObedience doesn’t exist,
its replaced by a sense of coexistence
When it’s time to act,
to make your dreams a reality the fact that we shared it with people who,
apart from sharing your ideas, love you and therefore won’t betray you,
and they’ll give your their unconditional support it’s a bracing moment At the time we all realised something the attraction was not only a festival organised in family it was becoming something bigger I was elected in 1999 and shortly after, I came into contact
with Rototom and Filippo Giunta The lord mayor of Splilimbergo, Gerussi,
recommended that I keep them in mind The place was wild, full branches and tree trunks but we saw that with a good cleaning
it could turn out well We started to work together closely that meant culture and the opening of minds apart from the economic impact
that was very positive for the zone Thousands of foreign music artists, seminars and debates Few today don’t know Sunsplash its’ the biggest reggae event in Europe it brings around a 100.000 people
in one unique space and it gives us 10 days of music, friendship, peace and culture The move from Latisana to Osoppo,
a bigger space but also wilder the change was inevitable and hard at the same time. I joined in 2001, Sabrina came to pick me up. We arrive in Osoppp, where the festival
was meant to start two days later and there was nothing,
we had to set up tents and offices. At the time there were only a few of us and each one volunteered for a task,
because the festival was small now that the festival is enormous, it can’t be done that way They repaired the electric and the
fence, they cleaned the space this park is 25 hectares. The work was organized according to a certain logic: if you make a small festival
you have a small organization if you make a big one,
you have to have a big organization The improved organisation was based on
the evolution from a three day festival into a longer event,
conceived as holidays. 2002 was the crucial year for Rototom,
it ran the risk of disappearing we had a lot of debts,
Filippo was desperate and he wanted to quit. There was a vacancy
and I decided to fill it I had studied acounting
and I decided to manage the numbers. I took care of the administration
and the personnel I’m one of those that says: “I’ll do it” Wherever Filippo goes there’s a concertI wrote to Patrizia from Perdenone and Tino from Osoppoand also to Betta, the swallow, to Sonia,
to Ricky from Villa Sparta.
There was an important moment in our history The year 2003: the first time
that we managed to pay all the debts then we didn’t feel afraid of not being able to do it. As a result we invented a free festival in Brazil in a small locality called Canoa Quebrada. It was incredible, because there were no resources
and we made it all ourselves from printing and distributing publicity,
to notifying people and in the end 10,000 people came.Incredible! They really want to enjoy themselves you give a little and receive a lot. It’s difficult to find people who want to give,
without asking for something in return The question that everyone asks is:
Where’s the trick? Theres was no trick, just our will
to thank the world doing it the easiest way possible:
with what you know how to do. Organizing things with people,
accompanying them, with this attitude. You walk out of the tent to
find that the stage is collapsing to even think of evacuating A place where peace and human rights are spoken of In 2009 the security forces declared
an authentic war on Sunsplash

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