04  More Than Twenty, the story of Rototom in 8 episodes

04 More Than Twenty, the story of Rototom in 8 episodes

The Cerit experience was relatively short but for us it seemed long because
it was improvised day by day It was very participative and despite the fact that it didn’t last long
we felt capable of anything. But, for me, the sensation of being able to achieve it was important. Friuli is a land that has witnessed many tragedies World War I, emigration and the earthquake in 1976 because of this its people have become
used to suffering and hard work, hard work to balance accounts and achieve
objectives is in the genes of this land Once the Rototom discotheque experience ended we realised that neither Pordenone or Friuli had a space that wasn’t a
commercial discotheque or bar. It was a time when Friuli suffered a lot of repression, because the right wing were in power, and they had dismantled all the music activities and
the places where the youth could meet. The situation was so tense that a call was made to rebel against it. The first one to sign up was the jazz flautist
from Perdeone, Massimo De Mattia which was immediately followed
by a landslide effect that brought together, citizens, operators and cultural producers and artists from all disciplines. Thanks, above all to the Rototom Association,
Filippo Giunta and all its members the words became actions. Well done, you broke it ! We have to call in the troops to clean this. I remember, at the time that
we squatted the place the lord mayor of Pordenone had eliminated the
figure of the councillor for culture demonstrating that they considered culture
to be unimportant or even annoying. An idea managed by a group of
cultural operators from Pordenone who were active in the area of music, theatre,
painting, artistic expression in general Once inside, they cleaned
and sanitized the infrastructures that had been abandoned and in a poor condition. A model act by this collective,that expect
to have talks with the public administration We’ll deal with these issues in tonight’s debate and afterwards there’ll be concerts by important
national artists like Prozac or Theo Teardo,
a collaborator of Salvatores Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti or Africa United,
the biggest Italian reggae band. We are in Cerit, the place known for
the squat at the end of the nineties it was like when boiling milk
overflows there was a lot of interest to do things
and very few possibilities. Thanks to a string of calls we knew
something was happening we organized ourselves to come and play
and thousands of people made it here. Some defined it as a social centre,
but it was really something new it was a cultural space Promoting culture in the province implicated
doing it with a lot of passion and little or
no means. The meetings to organise the
the squatting of Cerit were held for several weeks
in the Cinemzero library. This place had social value:
it was a meeting point for people. Look around you, there is never a soul here people have even asked me,
where are the human beings? The place seems deserted. To have coincided here with thousands of people and
to have created new projects, it was a radical change, and it was precisely because it was
so radical that it didn’t work This was the entrance, but I remember it bigger,
the door was much bigger like the typical doors of
an industrial warehouse. We expected the police to
come in at any moment, we rejected the use of any form of violent resistance and we knew that our squatting experience
would end when the police entered. I remember that I’d get up early every morning to do the run between the courts,
the police and the press returning to the squat to organise
activities with my buddies. We went for days without sleep, we used all our time
to organise and advertise the activities. It was a kind of parenthesis in time in normal conditions you can’t work at this pace,
but when it’s a dream… Cerit was a strange kind of space
full of colour and vitality that tried to bring something different to the music scene. There were exhibitions, painting, cinema, poetry.
Loads of things that attracted young people. It served as a grand cultural pot. People were curious t see and hear what was on offer here nowadays we are more comfortable we attend a concert or the theatre when
we know who’s going to perform back the however, people
were curious about everything After that last wave, I haven’t seen so many people
interested in a place like this now, people attend concerts in stadiums
and other stupidities of the masses. Here you saw the crowd as something special,
with its own character we absorbed everything to do with cultural movements
sports and collectivity at the time. Stick your two feet in and enter! The kids from the “Quando ci vuole, ci vuole” committee arrived
around 8 in the morning ready to peacefully abandon the building, that is municipal property, or to resist passively. Around 12:30 a vehicle of the
judicial police arrives The experience lasted for little more than three months,
that to us seemed a lifetime in the end we were exhausted
but happy because we managed to get culture to be considered
as a thing of value to be preserved. You are hereby notified that we shall proceed with the closure by order of the court Filippo Giunta accepts
with resignation The Pordeone judicial police commissioner notifies
him of the court order to close. The newly elected municipal administration,
can’t ignore this experience but the at the same time shows no intention
of moving in this direction and implements a model
for political malpraxis it doesn’t adopt a defined position but it does what it can to ensure that
this experience doesn’t continue. An association is born, of which I am a member,
with the aim of managing the space. We tried to rehabilitate the place and
start a cultural programme but as was expected the story
ended in failure. THis is the history of our town
and our country especially the history of the North East,
full of difficult moments and therefore, to have built all this,
it’s something we musn’t forget the memories should help us understand the good things we have done and we have done beautiful things. Cerit is a satellite orbiting Rototom,
not it’s nucleos But, Rototom’s presence in this territory meant that numerous artists came form Europe and the United States and this is fundamental, because it allowed the
people living here to grow. When you see what’s out there, you pack your bag,
and decide to go with the flow. Teho doesn’t know it because I never told him, so not a word, but probably, if he hadn’t been there
in my musical imagination I wouldn’t have believed that
a man can control music and Teho Teardo was already a veteran One day I showed up in his house and saw something beautiful: an artisan of sound making music
with his machines, at home. When people ask you what you do
and you say that your’re a musician again they ask you what do you do in real life. When I hear that it awakens
the serial killer in me, because it is difficult to be in a place where they
don’t recognise you for what you are. In my case, my identity
is bound to music. It has always been a bit difficult for me
living in Friuli but I found a little salvation
in certain contexts because they served as bridges between the reality of here
and what was happening elsewhere These places were the cinema, the
libraries, or the concert halls. Indeed, the Rototom experience was a salvation, because it put this region on the musical map meaning that many artists that were fundamental for me,
passed through here We met in school, and we became great
and we still are When you do a big festival you need to have a big organisation. 2002 was crucial for Rototom,
it was almost its last year

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