?Kids’ first DISNEY Trip?

– Well we are ready, today is the day and we are headed to Disneyland
with our Mickey Mouse ears! – I’m gonna see the castle! – [Mom] You’re gonna see the castle? – Yes! To Disneyland. (playful music) – [Dad] Come on! Are you excited? – [Mom] Do you see Minnie, she’s over there! – Hi Minnie! – I’ve never been to Disneyland and I had no idea it
looked like this in here! – There’s the castle! A castle! – I see Disneyland! – Where’s Mickey? We’re literally at the castle! – [Dad] We’re literally at the castle! – There’s the Matterhorn! – I see where Elsa and
Anna live! Over there! (fantasy music) – We’re at the castle! – (Singing) We’re at the castle! – [Mom] Okay, lets take a picture! Are you going inside the castle? – [Dad] We’re getting
ready to do our first ride. – He told me he was a little
bit nervous about falling out. But we talked about the
invention of seatbelts, and he’s going to sit with Daddy. And daddy won’t let you fall. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Yeah! You having fun? – [Little Boy] Yeah! – This is my favorite one so far. – [Dad] The kids have been
skipping around all morning. (funky music) – It is starting to rain and it has rained most of
our time in California. – [Mom] So Disney still has some of their Christmas stuff up. It’s fun! And I think it’s stopped
raining, for a moment. – The sun came out! – [Dad] It’s a small world! – This ride is special to me, I love the song It’s a Small World. – [Kids singing] Jingle
bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! – Hi Ariel! – [Dad] Dance it! – It’s a small world! – So I feel like I just rode
through a giant pop up book. It was awesome. (funky music) – [Mom] Look at them
good looking Mickey ears! Somebody’s excited to be at Disney! – We decided to go with the
Disney ponchos and an umbrella. Cause the rain has picked
up again pretty hard. Look there’s Mickey and newsies! – [Mom] How are you doing? – Good! – [Mom] Good? Are you a little wet? We’re headed in! – [Dad] This is such a cool theatre! I’m excited, we got pretty good seats for the Frozen film. We’re right here. – [Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, boys and girls, Welcome to the Hyperion Theatre. – We welcome visitors one and all to the kingdom of Arendelle! (singing) – You got nice moves Princess Anna. – Oh, Thanks! (singing) – [Man] It’s snowing! – [Elsa] Here I stand! (singing) (audience clapping) – Hi Elsa! – That show was amazing! – It’s not raining! – [Dad] The rain went away! So we had to dry off the
table and the chairs, but we are getting ready to eat. – We found our very first princess. – [Rapunzel] Hi! How are you all doing! Come on over this way!
What are your names? – Elise – Elise – And Flora – And Flora, Nice to see you! I’m Rapunzel. Are you two sisters? – Yeah! – Are you having the best
day ever at Disneyland? – Uh huh! – Bye girls! Have a great day! – I like your dress! – Oh thank you! You’re so sweet! – I like your flowers! – Oh thank you! Flynn Ryder
picked them out for me. He did a good job, huh? – [Dad] Say bye! – Bye! – [Dad] Was that fun? – (Laughing) Yeah! – [Dad] Did you talk to a princess? – [Mom] A real princess? – It was Rapunzel! – [Mom] It was Rapunzel! – Well, it’s been wonderful
to have my parents with us, just to run a kid to a
bathroom, or to push a stroller, just to be with us. The kids are enjoying riding with them, and sharing all of these
memories with them. Grandparents are awesome. – [Dad] Do you want to ride buddy? I think he’s feeling a little
bit nervous about this one. What do you think about
going on the rollercoaster? – Fun, fun, fun! – So, I’m not riding this one, Laura and I are going to sit it out. – He was a little nervous,
you got this buddy! (soft rock music) – Hi mom! Hi mom! – [Dad] Smiling at the power tools! – Elise was getting tired and both spots in the
double stroller are taken, so Jeremy’s shoulders it is! Are you too big for that Lis-y? – No, I can still put mom up here. – No, but what is coming soon
is churros. That’s happening. – It’s getting faster! – [Dad] The princess! – Woah! – This is Jeremy’s
favorite Disneyland snack. I just loaded up on churros. – Crunchy on the outside,
gooey on the inside, cinnamom and sugar dripping all over. – Mmhmm, can we have water to go with it? – [Dad] Laura is out. So in the next two hours
we have two fastpasses. Fastpass! So we’re getting ready to go on a ride, we have no idea what the ride is. We’ll see! Get it on! – Oh my goodness! – So I think one of the
best parts of being here with the kids is hearing
them relive a ride and talk about their
favorite parts together. – It felt like you were
moving but you weren’t? – And we went over the like that. And we went by the wall of China! – And we saw fireworks! – And we almost crashed
into the Great Pyramids. – So while they were on the ride, I decided to bust out the map and figure out what was going on and I was really struggling. It’s in Spanish! My
whole map is in Spanish! I was like, I just don’t
understand what’s this? I think I need a nap. – [Dad] The best ride
here! Papa’s stroller! (hip hop music) – This one was a 65 minute wait, I’m glad we got a fastpass for this one. Alright, let’s do this! – We’re winning! (screaming) – That was fun! – When you went down it kind
of made your tummy feel weird. – (Soft guitar music) – We found a spot indoors to eat, so we’re able to just sit
down and relax for a minute. – Bacon cheeseburger. (soft music) – Well that looks fun – Hey grandma! What was your accuracy? – [Dad] 48 percent, so
she had good accuracy. – I had 43, you were just shooting – [Dad] Yeah, I was just shooting a bunch. So Laura really wanted to ride this ride, so I’m coming back to do it with just her. – [Dad] Are you going to do it? Thumbs up! Good job Laura! So because I had my eye
more on Laura that time, I was feeling a little nauseous, that ride spins around a lot. Poll question: do you
like rides that spin? Like the teacups, let us know in the poll. How about you, do you
like rides that spin? – Yeah! – I don’t. – I like it when it bumps my head. – [Dad] You like it when
it bumps your head? Wow. There they go! – Mom go! – That was so much fun! – I bought the kids
these glowing magic wands at the dollar store before we came. – Bippidy boppity boo! – [Announcer] Walt Disney Presents (soft music) (singing) – They have fire! (crowd cheering) – What did you think of that? – Lots of smoke in the sky. – That was awesome. – [Mom] What did you like about it? – I liked how they did the
fire, and they showed stories. – [Mom] Yeah it was really cool. – Disneyland is so much more
than just an amusement park, because of the emotional
connection with the stories and the shows that they’ve
done for so many years. And the way they’ve impacted our lives. That was a beautiful day,
but it’s just day one. There were so many
things we didn’t do yet. We have tomorrow, so J house out. (soft rock music) So we’re going to go into
an earthquake simulator. – He tripped, he cried, he
bled, he’s calmed down now. Where are we going tomorrow? – [All] DISNEYLAND!

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