🕺🏻RB LEIPZIG FEEL GOOD!🕺🏻 RBL vs Spurs 3-0 (Champions League Parody Goals Highlights 4-0 2020)

🕺🏻RB LEIPZIG FEEL GOOD!🕺🏻 RBL vs Spurs 3-0 (Champions League Parody Goals Highlights 4-0 2020)

It’s Ridiculously Branded Leipzig vs Spurs in the last 16! – Who dares wins!
– It’s to dare is to do!
– Potato potato. – GOAL!
– I feel gut! 1 goal to the good – wow! – I feel gut!
– 2 goals to the gut – wow! We’re gut! We’re so gut!
We are through! – I feel sh*t.
– Shick?
– What? No shit. – I think you should quit!
– Quit?!
– Quit! – OUI QUIT!
– DICK! – You were shit
– Sh*t?
– Sh*t! I’m fit! – Your job’s to save this…
– This?
– This! Are you pissed?! – No!
– He is! That’s sh*t! That’s so sh*t!
We are through! Well I’m through with you! – Give me a chance boss!
– Who are you?
– Troy Parrot – Ha! I see what you did there…
– Remember the name! When I hold you – tight in my hands!
Somehow it always goes wrong! Now I’ll hold you – tight in my hands
Don’t worry this won’t take long! – Thanks Baby Mourinho!
– What did you say?! – Life is gut!
– You get me, blood? They knocked out the Spuds! Life is gut! They knocked out the Spuds! – We’re gut!
– We’ll beat them good! – We are through!!!
– Fine, I was going to play Troy Pirate anyway! – Er, it’s Parrot boss…
– Potato potarto…

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  1. Who would be better at managing Spurs than Mourinho?

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  2. "Ridiculously Branded Leipzig". Nice one, mate. Liking just for that alone (whole video was class, though)

  3. Diego Simione bettered Jose Mourinho, they have the same tactics.
    Liverpool Atletico
    34 Shots. 10 Shots
    11 on target. 6 on target
    2. – 3
    Park the bus?

  4. Liverpool are out of the Champions League let’s hope they will become shit again and Manchester United to be back with there glory days

  5. @442oons Do CHEATING SCUMBAGS V2 (Atletico vs Liverpool) because referee did not gave 2 penalties and some free kicks to Liverpool.

  6. Come on 442oons make a video on liverpool lose vs atletico 442oons sucks 442oons will make a video due to liverpool lost vs atletico thats not fair

  7. I’m the fan of Man City Atl Madrid RBL Dortmund and Lille I hate LiVARpool BARCA Bayern PSG Man Utd i love Inter I hate Juve

  8. Who is here after last night Atlatico Madrid Knock out The defending champion Liverpool.
    Llronte 2, and morata 1
    And wineldum 1, roberto fimino 1
    Aggregate Liverpool 2 – 4 Atlatico Madrid.

  9. Klopp after leipzigs 3-0 win against tottenham:HAHA THEY ARE UTTER SHIT!
    Klopp after they lost to atletico: well im sorry…

  10. When is the 442oons membership coming out? If people don't buy it maybe make the price 20-25 pounds. But please make it come out, I really wanna get it!

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