🔶 Paper Tales episode 7 | show for kids | cartoon online | kids channel | Moolt KidsToons

🔶 Paper Tales episode 7 | show for kids | cartoon online | kids channel | Moolt KidsToons

Dear friends! Put down your gadgets! Turn away
from your computers! Get out your scissors,
paper and glue! Because it’s time for a paper adventure! All right! PAPER TALES In one particularly papery land, there lived a moose
named Aristotle and a woodpecker
named Knock-Knock. THE HOMELESS QUEEN One paperback summer day Aristotle was reading newspapers while Knock-Knock
was into his morning exercises. I hear somebody knocking. Do you? No, that’s just me! I’m doing beak exercises. Gotta keep it fit. It’s a little hot in here. Why don’t you do
the flapping one? My wing-jams? Nah, l don’t mind… Rrrr! Rrrr! Rrrrr! Rrrrr! Now someone
is definitely knocking. Sounds like we’re about
to have a guest. If you don’t know yet, Aristotle and Knock-Knock
are friends with a true queen. Beeatrice, the queen bee. Glossy greetings,
your royal beeness! What a wonderful surprise! Hope you’re happy
to see us too! Come inside. Beeatrice was happy
to see her friends, but something was obviously
bothering her. She told the friends
that after a long journey she couldn’t get back
into her home because she’s not allowed
into her own beehive! How is that possible? Who would dare
stop the queen bee from entering her own home? Maybe some villain
took over her home? Impossible, Knock! Nobody can take over
Beeatrice’s hive, since strong, big bee guards
defend it! In fact, queen Beeatrice
had a lot of subjects: worker bees, minister bees, guardian bees… The latter protected
the hive entrance. Unfortunately, it turned out that these very guards
did not let their queen back to the hive. We should get over there right now and get it straight with these fellas that they can’t do that. The queen asked
to be let into the hive, but the guards wouldn’t even
open the door. Ahem! Excuse me! Would you please open the door? First off, you’ve got a lady
standing in front of you, and, after all, she’s a real live queen! Queen Beeatrice confessed
that before leaving she gave the strict order
to the guards: not to open the door to anyone but the queen herself. There’s a mystery
to be solved here. Let’s go back home
and chew on it paperfully! Wait! I’ve solved it! Beeatrice, please take a quick look
at yourself in this paper mirror. What do you see in it? I get it! I get it! The queen’s head
is missing a crown! Perhaps, it was blown away
by the wind while traveling. Queen Beeatrice explained that she had left her crown
at the hive on purpose, so she wouldn’t lose it. That’s why those bee guards
can’t recognize the queen! Because she’s not wearing her crown! How can we help? We’re gonna make up a new paperful crown for her. Here’s how. A crown for the queen. We’ll start with five square
sheets of paper. Bend the upper and lower corners
towards the center. Turn the sheet over. Fold the top
and bottom parts in half towards the center
of the sheet. Now draw the background
triangles outwards. Great! One part is ready. Now do the same
with the other sheets of paper. And then, just link them all together until the crown is finished. The queen buzzed off wearing the paperific new crown
made by her friends. The next day,
a letter arrived from her. Ari! Ari! What does it say? Read it now! In her new letter, Beeatrice thanked the friends
very much for their help. She said the bee-guards
recognized her at once and opened the door. And she was so happy
and relieved, she decided not to punish them
for what they did. But she did give them
a new order: they must know their queen
by face, not by crown. And to help them
memorize her look, Beeatrice asked the friends
to draw a portrait of her. Knock, do you know how to draw? Umm, I’ve never tried myself. But I guess I will. And I’ll try too! Why don’t we all try to draw queen Bee Beeatrice? That would be so paperful! And so our story
folds up very nicely. Although, it’s not quite over because Queen Beeatrice
is still waiting for somebody to draw
the best portrait in the world of her. Maybe it will be you
who’ll do it.

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