⚔️ Critical Role Animated – Caleb and Jester: Best Detectives Ever

⚔️ Critical Role Animated – Caleb and Jester: Best Detectives Ever

Jester’s Sketchbook Critical Role I’m just kind of wondering how widespread this incursion was planning on being It needs all of her fingerprints or anything like that Critical Role But you know like, you know CSI Critical Role, yes Kenya Kenya, can Caleb cast a spell to see who held it last? Who who who the previous owner was? Do you have any of that in your books? Critical Role Passed zone of truth Oh what that did nothing at all, okay That’s been twice Well anyway I’ll be taking a nap with one eye opened Good night, everyone. Yeah, also We’re being very quiet because I don’t want to be heard but while we’re in here Franken over a period of like 10 or 15 minutes just cuz you see this gospel buh-buh-buh-buh along the ground purple pop Sumter Avanti gasps boot Okay Eventually stands on top of her dagger and I cast identify through touch Where did you do that? Why did you do that, you know, I did that I don’t know why I did that It’s just your house, please do not go Peering that is not wanted huh? Okay. Don’t mind me while I make another owl and I began casting find familiar – Okay, so ten minutes letters an hour. All right finish your watch How long have you been working for captain avanthika only for this journey many months before do you like her a lot she pays well What were you doing before you were working for her looking for other people? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? It was the only survivor to the escaping singular minds I Have delve into ruins. I have been lucky enough to Survive by working alone. I have seen many friends fall in this area What’s the craziest thing you have seen ever in my life Sure Oh Shit oh shit some crazy shit This one time I saw a bug carrying a piece of bread that was like five times in size and he’s carrying it up stairs like Like up and then you turn and then they’d go up in the middle Will wonders never cease I’m going to concentrate on our surroundings for the remainder of our shift That was the talent of your campus as the sunlight begins to slowly peak You

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  1. The little bit of dialogue and what not at the start, ie the first 30 seconds, needs a very small bit of perfecting. But damn, this is awesome. Not to mention the law and order "duh-duhn."

  2. This was the greatest thing I've watched in a long time. You should animate the time when Caduecus's Control water spell capsized the enemy ship.

  3. I'm not sure which is better the "Oh and Ashley, when she's not busy" or Jester drawing a giant d**k on the crime scene body outline. Cus we all know she would 🤣

  4. Omg I cannot breakdown my enjoyment of this enough! The dick on Caleb’s face, Jester and Sprinkle eating donuts and food flying out of the mouth- so many awesome things!

  5. I did not know i need this in my life. THANK YOU!!! Fjord cigarette flip and animation of the whole avantica vs caleb is pure gold <3

  6. This is absolutely the art style M9 needs if they're ever officially animated.
    You're story telling through the animation is so much funnier that I pictured it when I first saw it.

  7. oh it's only there for a few seconds but jesters completely shook face watching the ant carry bread is the best thing ever of all time.

  8. OK, usually when people add random stuff to the already awesome content, it detracts… this… this… is just magically fantastic. Well done!

  9. "Why did you do that?"
    "Why did you do that?"
    "You know why I did that."
    "Then you know why I did that."
    Love this bit. Also jester is super cute and sexy in this lol

  10. halfway thru a 7 minute Jester/Nott heist animation right now, might
    release a quick 1 minute cartoon before that tho – to tide yall over 🙂

  11. Your animations are simply amazing. You're making all the moments that I think would be hilarious, and elevating them beyond my wildest dreams!

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