‎Steve and Mario – Cool Friend (3D Animation)

‎Steve and Mario – Cool Friend (3D Animation)

You’re dead, I just haven’t decide how yet. But you can choose, to tell me where’s the box, and i’ll let you die fast. to make it harder for me? well, i’ll have fun anyway. and you so sure i tell you beside this, what else do you have ? a cool friend. you brought the box? of course.

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  1. Que steve ayuda a Mario es genial pero saber que era para detener una invasión zombie no es tan genial porque descubre cosas ratas Mario

  2. no se pone no me gusto esta muy feo dele like el que cre que es muy fe deberas y vonan por vegeta 777 elrubiusomg alexby11 mangel the wuillirecs ynomas contesten like o se los yeva la momia rosada nolo olbiden like o ya sabel like

  3. hopefully, bowser and herobrine join forces and capture peach and alex.mario and steve destroy bowser and herobrine

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