चक्रवर्ती सनत कुमार की कहानी | Story of Sanat Kumar  | Jain Animated Story | Kids animated Stories

चक्रवर्ती सनत कुमार की कहानी | Story of Sanat Kumar | Jain Animated Story | Kids animated Stories

Jai Jinendra kids All of us want to look beautiful and smart, Don’t we? Same way Anjali wanted to look beautiful And she cleaned her face many times Still, her skin colour did not lighten Seeing her so worried, her mother said, Hey daughter Why are you so worried? More than our skin colour and our looks, our soul is more important and beautiful Come I will tell you about King of Hastinapur, the ruler and owner of the entire land(divided into six regions) Let me tell you the story of this Chakravarti king he was very charismatic and he had incredible wealth he was Chakravarti Sanat Kumar One day, in the assembly of Saudharma Indra His handsome looks and his beauty were praised a lot. Hearing this, two Gods of heaven. came to see the king Sanat Kumar. They came to his city Hastinapur King Sanatkumar was just getting ready to come to the courtroom (Rajya sabha) In a short while, he came to the Rajya Sabha. Gods said, “Your looks are not as beautiful as before” But all the people sitting in the meeting. said that the king looked like before. Nobody felt any change in the king. To explain this to all of them Do you know what the gods did? They asked for a container filled with water. They started showing everyone a container filled with water. Do you know what they did? They secretly removed two drops of water from the container from the container Now, he asked again. Do you see any difference? Everybody said, no there is no any difference” Then, the Gods said Two drops means 2 drops of water is a very small quantity. You didn’t see any change in the pot. Right? Just like this, In everyone’s life with every passing day, every passing year, the change that is happening to us is very minute and slow and that is why it is not visible to you But, this is the truth Today we are not the way we were yesterday, and we will not stay as beautiful or handsome our whole lives Our age which is reducing every minute of our life. We are never been able to notice it King Sanat Kumar Chakravarti after hearing all this started thinking why every minute of life is so important The birth and death of everyone is already decided. Then, having been blessed with a human life Why am I wasting my time in unimportant things in life? Thinking like this, he became disinterested. And he decided to renounce everything and become a monk by taking the vow of “muni deeksha’ and he went in to the deep and dark forest. to practice severe austerity After few days After a few days, Muni Sanat Kumar was inflicted by a very painful disease which was ‘leprosy’ Because of this disease, blood and water started oozing out of his body. There was a lot of pain too. And there was a lot of bad smell coming out of his body It was a very tough condition Muniraj Sanat Kumar continued to perform penance even in such a painful condition His harsh austerity started being discussed in the heavens as well All the Gods started wishing for being able to practice penance like Muni Sanatkumar Who is suffering from such a terrible disease He is doing penance even after tolerating so much pain. wish we also could do that kind of hard penance A Vaidya-God from the heaven went to see them. Vaidya means a Doctor He went to the forest in the form of a doctor And what did he say to Muniraj Sanat Kumar? He said I can cure the severest of diseases or solve any problem There is magic and miracle in my medicines. Then, Muni raj said No one can cure my disease Doctor said, No No, I will cure it. Tell me , what is the disease? Muniraj said very calmly. My disease is to be born again and again I want to remove the sorrows of life and death I want to feel the happiness of liberation I do not want to be born again in this life. If you have medicine for this disease then give it to me. Doctor said I have never heard of this disease. Do you know what the Muniraj did to explain this to the doctor? He spitted on his hands and applied that spit on his wounds And do you know what happened then? His hand started looking as beautiful as before. And started shining at once The dreaded disease went away. Do you know what this means ? If you want, you can cure your disease on your own. But still he is practicing penance Because he wanted to cure the biggest disease of birth and death Muniraj said I can overcome my minor diseases anytime. But this body is not mine. This is going to remain here. So why should I care? I just want to meditate about my soul Then, whatever happens to this body. Why should I care? And that God was stunned That god praised Muniraj very much and said, “You are truly great and holy Muniraj” Those who have such great blessed powers You didn’t use those powers to heal yourself. And continued to do harsh penance. After saying this, the Vaidya went back to the heaven. Muniraj went on to purify his thoughts And gradually, after ending all his karma What did he acquire? He ultimately attained liberation(Moksha) So children, we have been blessed by this human life after having done many virtuous deeds in the past Hmmm We must have done some very good deeds earlier because of which we got this human life We have been born as humans We are born in a Jain family and blessed with Jain Dharm We should utilise every moment of this life in a very good manner And should try to achieve the ultimate goal of salvation. We will try our best to do good deeds Will do so. Right? Jai Jinendra

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  1. Mujhe aapka kaam bahut accha lgta hai , mai 18 year ka hu , mai aapko donate krna chata hu , mai kaise kar skta hu ?

  2. आपकी कहानी अच्छी है लेकिन विराट सागर महाराजी के प्रवचनके अनुसार (संसार की नश्वरता को जान कर अपना कल्याण करे। ) " देवो ने ब्राह्मण का रूप धारण किया,उस समय सनत कुमार का रूप देखा तो उनकी आँखे फटी की फटा रह गई। एक प्रहर के बाद,उनके रूप मे परिवर्तन दिखा, तब देवो ने कहा सनतकुमार चक्रवर्ती को आप का रूप पहले जैसा नही रहा,आपके शरीर मे कोढ हो गया तो पानी का पात्र मंगवाया,उसमे सनत कुमार जी ने थूका उसमे कीडे बिल बिला रहेथे,इससे उनके अन्दर बोध जागृत हुआ।"

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